Plantation, FL – Lyons & Snyder, a South Florida personal injury law firm, has announced a $1.8 million settlement in a wrongful death case involving a scooter accident on the Florida Turnpike.

The accident, which resulted in the untimely death of a young individual, set the stage for a legal battle over liability and compensation. Lyons & Snyder negotiated a settlement that provides the client’s family with a sense of justice and financial security.

A Commitment to Client Advocacy

The settlement serves as a powerful statement of Lyons & Snyder’s dedication to advocating for victims and their families. With a potential for a contentious trial, the firm’s strategic negotiation efforts were instrumental in reaching a mutually agreeable outcome.

Resolute in the Face of Challenge

Lyons & Snyder’s handling of the case reflects their principle of steadfast pursuit of justice for their clients. The firm’s strategy in this case was to assess the risk meticulously, prepare for a range of legal scenarios, and engage in a negotiation process that prioritized the needs and wishes of the client’s family.

“Tragically, our young client operating a scooter on the Florida Turnpike died in a crash with an automobile. The parties retained experts.   Due to the unusual facts, the defense could have argued at trial about our client’s liability. It would have been up to the jury to decide percentages of fault. To account for the significant risk, both sides worked professionally and diligently to come up with an amicable resolution. After multiple rounds of negotiations over weeks, the parties agreed to settle the case,” says Philip Snyder, one of the partners of Lyons & Snyder.

About Lyons & Snyder

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