The infrared sauna market has experienced a nearly 50% increase during the past 5 years and numerous sauna company start ups have surfaced leaving consumers confused in their decision process.  As nearly all brands claim to have the best infrared saunas, clarification and help is needed as potential purchasers attempt to navigate the flood of increasing and often conflicting information.  Healing Heat Therapy, recognized as an expert in the industry from its founding in 2012, just revealed its top rated infrared saunas in a new rankings chart which appears to offer this much needed help.

“Every year our ranking chart of the top rated saunas is updated based on many hours of research from the previous 12 months,” said Cody Martin, the owner of Healing Heat Therapy.  “We have the fortunate opportunity to interview and talk with many company owners.  We talk with a few of these owners on a monthly basis which provides us with an almost insider look behind the scenes of the market.  Often we learn of new features being added months before they hit the companies’ websites. In fact we first released our updated report as announced here but have already added additional details after again talking with 2 company owners.”

Recently the Global Wellness Institute published its paper with a worldwide market analysis.  The paper detailed the 10% annual growth the industry has enjoyed for the last several years.  In August of this year, another annual global report predicted a 7.2% annual rate of growth through the year 2022.  This growth has provided additional incentive for new companies, intent to taking advantage of the predicted industry growth, to enter the market.

The infrared sauna market has few barriers to entry and beginning a company to sell in this industry is actually quite easy.  Forming an LLC and contacting one of the Chinese sauna manufacturers are basically the only steps involved.  In less than 10 months a newly formed LLC can be selling these mass produced products under the banner of its own branding.  Virtually all of the saunas sold in North America are produced on 4 factory production lines in China, leading to a blurring of distinctions among the brands.

Cody continued “We have watched as established companies have had increasing sales the past 2 years.  However, this growth has also attracted many new brands into the industry. Some of these new brands have little if any experience with saunas or how to effectively utilize infrared technology.  The result is many consumers are provided little in the way of education or after sale help.  The volume of questions we receive regarding how infrared is even used in saunas has been steadily increasing.  This is part of the reason we have been updating our ranking chart of the top infrared sauna brands and expanding the depth of coverage we provide on each brand. We are also encouraged to see that we are featured on many health related sites including a Health Spikes article on using infrared sauna for detox.”

Combined with a lack of any oversight and the glut of conflicting information online, the confusion of what comprises a top rated brand has grown. The ability to determine any distinguishable characteristics among the brands is severally clouded by the increase in the number of companies and the lack of visible differences.  Healing Heat Therapy’s released report goes a long way in helping to clarify this confusion.

Healing Heat Therapy has been providing reports on the industry since its beginning in 2012.  The reports detail the ranking criteria which include specifications on the brand’s heaters, EMF readings, toxic glue use, medical studies and warranties.  This information is helping consumers make informed purchase decisions.  Stay up to date with all of Healing Heat Therapy’s news at their recently formed Organizational News Room. Healing Heat Therapy was started after a family member of one of the owners, having suffered for several years with a injury which would not heal, experienced a significant degree of help from the newly purchased sauna. Their mission is to save others the many hours that were needed to narrow down the choices available. The company can be contacted through the contact information provided.

Company Name:Healing Heat Therapy
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