The infrared sauna market has enjoyed a remarkable increase in popularity in recent years with the market doubling over the past 5 years. Unfortunately a lot of confusion and misinformation has accompanied this growth. As the industry is predicted to experience over 7% growth annually through 2022, clarification is needed to help new consumers navigate these murky industry conditions. Help in understanding the various choices available and identifying the best infrared sauna on the market has come in the form of a chart ranking the top infrared saunas on the market just published by Healing Heat Therapy.

Healing Heat Therapy has grown in exposure and over its 6 year history and has become known as a reliable source of beneficial, accurate information including this current listing of the best infrared saunas it has published at The company owner has shared that one of its goals is to be an informational resource that provides the clarification needed.

“Our reports combine everything we have learned during our 6 years of research,” stated Cody Martin, owner of Healing Heat Therapy. “Our mission is to save each potential sauna purchaser hours of research and needing to compare all the various bits of information they will find and learn.  We have learned what are the critical aspects of the highest quality products and detail those in what we hope is easy to understand reports, reviews and informational resources.  As we receive more questions from consumers, we research and add that information into our various infrared sauna resources including our Facebook Page and various other online sources of information.”

With few barriers to entry into this market, it is easy for those with limited knowledge to start a company selling infrared saunas.  Resulting from this is often a lack of the usually easy to find information on how to choose between the various brands or even the accurate specifications of a particular brand.

This situation is made worse by the lack of longevity within the market.  Nearly 50% of these newly formed brands fail and close their company within the first 4 years of formation.  Without any active enforceable warranty, consumers that have purchased these products are then left with no recourse when the product needs replacement parts or repair. Healing Heat Therapy continues to be quoted and receive news exposure including its earlier reporting of the top infrared saunas.  It has stated that part of its mission statement is to provide accurate information for consumers to help them choose a top infrared sauna brand and avoid these previously mentioned pitfalls.

Cody further explained their process, ”As we began our own initial research into infrared saunas, we were faced with very confusing and unhelpful information online. After our initial 3 months of research which included talking with the owners of 3 brands and a few sales representatives, we had accumulated a lot of knowledge.  That initial process is what prompted us to form Healing Heat Therapy with a mission to provide easy to understand, actionable reviews.  Our hope and goal is that we can help others make good decisions and purchase a product that will provide effective infrared from a brand that will be in business years from now.  That is what is needed for a warranty to provide value.”

Healing Heat Therapy was founded in 2012 and continues to meet regularly with industry leaders and infrared sauna company owners. This helps it remain on the cutting edge of the market.

Company Name:Healing Heat Therapy
Contact Person:Cody Martin
City:Colorado Springs