Plantation, FL – Lyons & Snyder, a Florida personal injury law firm known for its dedication to workplace safety, has announced a substantial settlement of $950,000 for a client injured in a truck loading incident. This case highlights the firm’s commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of workers in the logistics industry.

The client was seriously injured when a truck driver prematurely departed from a loading bay, causing her to fall. Initially faced with an unsympathetic response from the truck driver’s insurance company and poor medical support from workers’ compensation doctors, the client turned to Lyons & Snyder for help.

The client was a warehouse manager for a logistics company. Part of her job responsibilities were to confirm the cargo being delivered to and from transport companies.  On the day of her injuries, a truck driver backed his tractor-trailer into a loading bay to receive a “load” from his client’s employer. After the “load” was placed into the trailer, the client sought to confirm the cargo. She had not yet authorized the truck driver to leave nor given the appropriate paperwork confirming the same.

Unfortunately, the truck driver incorrectly believed that the trailer load was completed (and approved) and began to drive away from the loading bay while the client was still on the loading platform.

“As the truck driver pulled away, our client fell at least five feet to the ground. Our client suffered significant injuries in the fall,” explains attorney Marc Lyons. “Our client initially pursued a worker’s compensation claim. She did not retain us to pursue a case against the driver and his employer until over a year after the incident. At the time we were retained, our client reported that the insurance company representing the truck driver and his employer advised her that they would not accept more than 50% of the fault, as they believed our client equally shared responsibility for the incident.”

During the Lyons & Snyder representation, the company successfully managed to get her medical care outside of her workers’ compensation doctors, as they were not doing enough to help her. Additionally, the firm successfully argued that the truck driver and his employer were, in fact, 100% responsible for the client’s injuries, as this incident was entirely preventable.

As a result of Lyons & Snyder, the client received proper medical treatment and financial compensation for her injuries. “In addition to the settlement, we were able to negotiate a significant reduction to our client’s Worker’s Compensation lien, putting more money into our client’s pocket,” explained Lyons.

Advocacy Beyond the Courtroom

Beyond achieving the settlement, Lyons & Snyder also successfully negotiated a significant reduction in the client’s Workers’ Compensation lien. The firm’s legal team not only seeks just compensation but also strives to improve clients’ quality of life post-accident by facilitating better medical treatment and advocating for safer workplace practices.

Setting a Precedent for Safety

Through determined efforts, Lyons & Snyder has set a precedent for holding parties accountable in workplace safety incidents involving 3rd parties. The firm continues to be a voice for those injured in the workplace by 3rd parties, ensuring that safety protocols are enforced and that negligent parties are held responsible.

For workers in the logistics sector and beyond, Lyons & Snyder’s recent win serves as a reminder of the importance of legal advocacy and the difference that experienced legal representation can make.

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