Marathon, Florida – A serene morning on the Florida Keys was shattered when a local highway became the scene of a devastating accident. At approximately 10:30 AM on a Saturday in late November, a collision between a pickup truck and a 60-year-old bicyclist led to the latter’s untimely death and a subsequent four-hour partial closure of a major highway.

This event unfolded on U.S. Highway 1 near 39th Street in Marathon, where the bicyclist attempted to cross the highway while stopped in the left turn lane. In a tragic twist of timing, a pickup truck, maneuvered by a 44-year-old man, was executing a right turn onto the highway just as the bicyclist crossed, leading to the fatal encounter.

The aftermath of the incident saw a significant section of U.S. 1 obstructed, disrupting the flow of traffic and bringing the local community to a standstill as authorities conducted their investigations.

Sadly, these types of tragic accidents are far too common in the Florida Keys.  The blame however, often lies with the driver, not the cyclist.

Contrary to common misconceptions, most cyclists in the Florida Keys are cautious, rule-abiding, and predictable. It is often the negligence and inexperience of drivers, both locals and tourists alike, unfamiliar with sharing the road with cyclists, that is the cause of so many crashes in the Florida Keys, states Marc Lyons, a partner at Florida Keys Injury.

Florida Keys Injury, a team of attorneys who represent personal injury claims, stands poised to deliver justice to those bereaved by this loss of life by negligent drivers.  “We were just retained on behalf of an estate to pursue a wrongful death claim where a cyclist was tragically killed by a negligent driver in the Florida Keys” stated a representative from the firm, affirming their resolve to pursue the claim with the utmost diligence.

“In times of sorrow and misfortune, we offer victims of negligent behavior a path towards resolution,” declares Marc Lyons.   The firm is admired for its unwavering commitment to advocating for the distressed and securing restitution in the aftermath of such disasters, with a notable record in handling a multitude of Florida Keys injury cases.

Florida Keys Injury, a firm synonymous with integrity and results, offers support for those facing the arduous aftermath of personal loss due to negligent drivers.

For further insight into this ongoing case or to understand the avenues for legal recourse in similar situations, Florida Keys Injury invites inquiries through their digital portal.

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Florida Keys Injury is a premier personal injury law firm in the Florida Keys, characterized by its client-centric approach and exceptional record in handling complex claims, including wrongful death and bicycle accidents. With a bedrock of integrity and a commitment to legal excellence, Florida Keys Injury’s experienced attorneys champion the rights of those impacted by tragedy.

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