MARYLAND, VA, WASHINGTON D.C. – May 1, 2024 – Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC (SPG), renowned for its outstanding counseling services, is delighted to announce its latest milestone in delivering an extensive range of couples therapy and marriage counseling services. This notable accomplishment coincides with the vision of the group to help couples navigate through relationship impasses and promote healthier dynamics.

Delivering Comprehensive Therapeutic Services for Enhanced Relationship Dynamics

SPG offers a range of quality therapy services designed to foster open communication, stronger relationships, and greater intimacy between partners. The Group has made significant strides helping couples facing an array of issues such as addiction support, chronic illnesses, blended families, infidelity, mental illness, and more.

Sarah Charmchi, a counselor at SPG, emphasizes the significance of their comprehensive therapy solutions saying, “We strive to equip couples with the tools necessary for improved interpersonal dynamics. We are determined to contribute positively to the journey of couples wanting to reconnect and rekindle their love amidst challenges.”

An Inclusive Approach Towards Relationship Healing

Serenity Psychotherapy Group uses inclusive therapeutic techniques to address varying individual and couple needs. The therapy sessions strive not just to resolve conflicts but also build resilience in relationships.

Charmchi adds, “We’re here to offer a safe space for frank discussions, helping couples express their feelings, wants, and needs. Our aim is to promote healthier, stronger, and mutually rewarding relationships for every couple we work with.”

Offering the first Step Towards Positive Change

Recognizing that many couples may hesitate to seek help, the Group extends a free initial consultation. This step allows couples to understand how therapy can help them reconnect and rekindle their relationship.

About Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC

Serenity Psychotherapy Group, with services across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., is committed to providing the highest-quality psychotherapy and counseling. Their trained clinicians, under the helm of experienced counselors like Sarah Charmchi, offer extensive services, including couples therapy and marriage counseling, aiming to enhance communication, understanding, and intimacy in relationships.

To learn more about Serenity Psychotherapy Group or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Sarah Charmchi at (202) 990-2707

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