Dallas, TX – November 1, 2023 – Hales Speed Shop, an emblem in automotive-inspired fashion, is excited to announce the unveiling of two distinct collections: Boulevard Shaka and Hannibal. These collections showcase the brand’s versatility, bridging the gap between automotive passion and fashion expression.

Blazing the Trail with Boulevard Shaka

Launched on September 29th, the Boulevard Shaka collection encapsulates the elegance and power of Hales Speed Shop’s renowned hot rods. The men’s shirt, accentuated by a banner, depicts serene sunsets and palm trees complemented by two iconic vehicles: a ’64 Impala and ’54 BelAir. A masterpiece of design and functionality, the shirt promises a harmonious blend of style and narrative.

Embrace the Chill with Hannibal

Just as the autumn leaves begin to fall, on October 13th at 7pm CST, Hales Speed Shop will release the Hannibal collection. Perfectly timed for Halloween, this collection draws inspiration from the enigmatic character, Hannibal, from “Silence of the Lambs”. And as a treat, there’s a chilling 13% discount available site-wide on the day of the release. This collection is expansive, offering men’s and women’s flannels, a coordinating hat, t-shirts, and a uniquely themed banner.

Key Features Across the Collections:

– Boulevard Shaka: Men’s shirt with sunsets, palm trees, and classic cars, combined with pearlized sunset orange snaps and a collectible hangtag sticker.

– Hannibal: A comprehensive range, featuring flannel for both men and women, coordinated hat, t-shirt, and a cinematic banner.

– Special Offer: A haunting 13% off site-wide, exclusively on October 13th.

Experience Automotive Fashion Like Never Before

Both collections signify Hales Speed Shop’s unwavering commitment to blending two worlds – cars and fashion. As each piece is worn, it promises not just a style statement but an immersion into a world of tales and torque.

Secure Your Piece of Automotive Fashion History

Remember, the uniqueness of these collections ensures exclusivity. Once gone, they won’t return. Whether you’re cruising the boulevard or attending a Halloween gala, make sure you’re draped in Hales Speed Shop.

About Hales Speed Shop

Pioneers in automotive fashion, Hales Speed Shop is where the roar of engines and the rustle of fabric come together. With designs inspired by automotive legends and contemporary fashion, Hales has carved a niche in the world of fashion, setting trends, and driving passions.

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