San Diego CA – Lisa Davis Upholstery, one of the leading furniture upholstery services in California, is proud to announce that they have maintained production levels and support services for their clients throughout the pandemic.

The company which manufactures upholstery in San Diego has always focused on safety first and foremost, with structures in place to ensure their staff’s health and well-being. When news of the pandemic started to break across the world, the management team immediately began the process of educating themselves about COVID-19, and how to prevent its spread in their business premises.

Once they were fully aware of the precautions that needed to be taken, they then implemented a range of different procedures including social distancing, the mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment, and a variety of other measures to keep everyone safe.

“The fact of the matter is that we think of our staff as members of the Davis family, and we always want to ensure that they remain safe when working for us,” said Lisa Davis of Lisa Davis Upholstery. “However, we also wanted to ensure our customers did not suffer the disappointment of delayed delivery times, particularly if they were waiting for a specific product. We came up with a set of precautions specific to our working conditions that ensured that we could continue to work without putting our team at risk.

Lisa Davis Upholstery provides furniture reupholstery services, slipcovers, and custom-designed furniture. Lisa sees the upholstery process as a form of furniture art. Having studied under the supervision of a master reupholstery craftsman herself, Lisa has learned the trade in it’s most traditional and rarest way.” We keep the vision here of looking at the craft of upholstery as a form of art and combine this vision to create unique and individual pieces of art. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at


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