San Diego CA – Lisa Davis Upholstery, one of the most innovative and creative furniture upholstery services in California, is pleased to announce that they are partnering exclusively with a select group of designers to design and develop an exclusive range of products.

The company has always striven to set themselves apart with eye-catching designs that do not follow the traditional concept chosen by many designers. This has led to them generating a large following of people who appreciate and value their designs. The company is determined to ensure that its San Diego Upholstery remains at the cutting edge of design, and having exclusive partnerships with market-leading designers will only help to cement that position.

“Fashion and design are probably the two fastest moving industries in the world,” said Lisa Davis of Lisa Davis Upholstery. “As an upholstery company, it is critical that we keep innovating and coming up with exclusive designs that appeal to our customers. As a brand, we want to offer a wide range of different options, and to achieve that, we decided to identify and then partner with some of the most creative designers in the world. We are thrilled that they share our vision and have agreed to work with us, and we are excited about what the future holds.”

Lisa Davis Upholstery provides furniture reupholstery services, slipcovers, and custom-designed furniture. Lisa sees the upholstery process as a form of furniture art. Having studied under the supervision of a master reupholstery craftsman herself, Lisa has learned the trade in it’s most traditional and rarest way. We keep the vision here of looking at the craft of upholstery as a form of art and combine this vision to create unique and individual pieces of art. For more information on the company and their products and services, visit their website at


Company Name:Lisa Davis Upholstery
Contact Person:Lisa Davis
Phone:(858) 270 5429
Address: 5076 Santa Fe Suite C
City:San Diego