San Diego CA – Lisa Davis Upholstery, a visionary company renowned for it’s innovative and groundbreaking designs are delighted to announce that it has created a guide to 2020 furniture design trends


Purchasing new furniture is not an everyday experience, and it is important to create a look that will not only look modern and inviting today, but for a few years to come. For the majority of people trying to factor in room shapes and sizes, in addition to design styles can be a challenging experience. Visiting any showroom of a major department store can generate some ideas, but in most cases, customers are limited to viewing one designer’s choices. 


Lisa Davis Upholstery has a team of interior design experts. They are available to answer any questions and provide suggestions of items that might suit the style and image a customer is trying to create. Armed with many years of combined experience the team at Lisa Davis Upholstery have developed their 2020 furniture design trends guide. 


Whether a customer is interested in the current fashion favorite of mixed metals, prefers a more minimalist approach, or even wants something more quirky and original such as optical prints, the new guide is brimming over with ideas and concepts. 


“Not everyone can design a room to be comfortable, stylish, and modern, and that is where my team shines,” said Lisa Davis of Lisa Davis Upholstery. “Normally, after a potential client leaves our store, their mind is overflowing with ideas, and you can see the excitement in their eyes. Our guide was designed to give people ideas before visiting the store or to help crystalize those ideas after their initial visit. We feel that this guide could and will be a game-changer for our customers, and look forward to inspiring both old and new customers.”


Lisa Davis Upholstery provides furniture reupholstery services, slipcovers, and custom-designed furniture. Lisa sees the upholstery process as a form of furniture art. Having studied under the supervision of a master reupholstery craftsman herself, Lisa has learned the trade in it’s most traditional and rarest way.” We keep the vision here of looking at the craft of upholstery as a form of art and combine this vision to create unique and individual pieces of art. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

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