San Rafael CABrightLine Bags, an innovative gear bag design and manufacturing company, is  delighted to announce that they have recently sold their 70,000th bag. The company has mastered the art of the modular bag, which means that their customers have complete flexibility and the opportunity to design and create the perfect bag for their individual circumstances.

The company was formed in 2008 when the founders identified what they perceived to be an essential gap in the market, which they believed they could fill. Twelve years later, that original idea has spawned numerous different options, including the company’s FLEX System. BrightLine bags have also been regularly featured on TV, including the Discovery Channel, CNN, and Business Update TV.

The management team is keen to continually evolve and grow the business, and continue to invest in research and development, in their determination to become the number one provider worldwide of gear bags.

Brightline Bags was founded in 2008 by the owner and CEO Ross Bishop. As a Certified Flight Instructor for Rotorcraft, Ross understood the challenges facing pilots in trying to find their perfect gear bag. It boiled down to the simple fact that some days a pilot needs more gear, and some days she needs less. Or entirely different sets of gear are needed on different days. Both scenarios are ideally addressed by a well-executed modular design. Ross utilized his engineering and 3D CAD experience to design a flight bag that worked this way. . Once he began to show his “pick your parts, build your bag”  concept to his fellow pilots, he discovered that there was a huge demand for this type of product. Inspired by this feedback, Ross decided to launch BrightLine Bags, and the company has flourished ever since.

“When we first launched the company, although we had huge dreams and ambitions, as with most startup companies, I don’t think deep down any of us expected to sell 70,000 bags,” said Ross Bishop, of BrightLine Bags. “This is a remarkable landmark and one which we are all celebrating. However, we are confident that we will be celebrating the sale of the 100,000th bag very soon, as our brand awareness and reputation continue to grow.”

For more information about the company, and their range of bags and the different modules available, visit their website at


Company Name:Brightline Bags
Contact Person:Ross Bishop
City:San Rafael