San Rafael CA – BrightLine Bags, a customer-focused company that designs and develops high-quality bespoke bags for pilots, is delighted to announce the launch of two additional modular components for their products. The products were both designed and developed in response to customers’ requests, once again confirming the company’s commitment to meet and respond to the needs and requirements of their customers.

The Side Pocket Foxtrot provides customers with a new option for choosing the form and function they want when selecting Side Pockets for the FLEX System® configuration they build. The pocket is large and deep like a Side Pocket Alpha, but with a fully-enclosed zipper like a Side Pocket Charlie, essentially offering the best of both worlds in one hybrid pocket. There are truly different reasons why a customer might choose any of the six interchangeable side pockets available, depending on the different needs of each customer.  The Side Pocket Foxtrot thoughtfully expands on the powerful notion of, “Pick your parts. Build your Bag™

The second addition to their lineup is an updated Main Handle, which clips onto all FLEX Center Sections and is designed to fit securely onto the J-Hook of the rolling suitcases that have one. The update in this case comes in two forms, as described by Ross Bishop, founder and CEO of BrightLine Bags:

“First, because our customers notified us of a second, slightly different version of the standard J-Hook, made by the “StrongBags” company, we redesigned the span of the “notches” in our J-Hook to accommodate the dimensions of the hooks from both manufacturers. Now, any StrongBags customer who wants to hang a BrightLine Bag off the back of their rolling suitcase using their J-Hook will be able to do so with a perfect fit.

“Second, in response to customer requests, we redesigned the injection molding process of the handle to reduce the weight of the Main Handle by 40%.  This is significant because every ounce counts when traveling. Plus the new design gives an even better grip.”

“As a company, we are continually designing and developing new ideas and concepts that we believe will benefit our customers. We also listen to our customers and, where possible, implement their ideas, which is what led to the development of both of our latest products. We have high expectations for both items and look forward to positive reviews from happy customers,”

BrightLine Bags was founded in 2008 by the owner and CEO Ross Bishop. As a certified flight instructor for Rotorcraft, Ross understood the challenges facing pilots in trying to find their perfect gear bag. The majority of bags on the market were either too small, didn’t have enough pockets, or those with enough storage were simply too big and cumbersome. Ross utilized his engineering experience to design his very own flight bag. Once he began to show the design and concept to his fellow pilots, he discovered that there was a huge demand for this type of product. Inspired by this feedback, Ross made the decision to launch BrightLine Bags, and the company has flourished ever since. For more information about the company, and their range of bags and the different modules available, visit their website at

Company Name:Brightline Bags
Contact Person: Ross Bishop
Phone: (415) 721-7825
Address:1537 4th Street - Suite 233
City:San Rafael