San Rafael CA – BrightLine Bags, celebrated designer of bespoke bags specifically designed for pilots and the travel industry, is delighted to announce the release of their latest guide. The guide is available free of charge on the companies website and is entitled how to become a better traveler.

The concept of the guide is the importance of packing the right equipment for your trip, which is where the companies unique and evolving bag system comes into play. Everyone has different needs when going on a short-haul flight for business or a long-haul vacation. Some people need to have easy access to critical medical supplies. Others need a safe and secure storage space for their electronics. The designers at BrightLine bags have tried to provide an option for every scenario.

“As with every aspect of our business, we are completely focused on the benefits that our bags to bring to our customers, and this guide is no exception,” said Ross Bishop, owner, and founder of BrightLine Bags. “We have put a lot of thought and effort into the guide and are confident that it will provide a lot of value and benefit to any traveler who reads it.

BrightLine Bags was founded in 2008 by owner and CEO Ross Bishop. As a certified flight instructor for Rotorcraft, Ross understood the challenges facing pilots in trying to find their perfect gear bag. The majority of bags on the market were either too small, didn’t have enough pockets, or those with enough storage were simply too big and cumbersome. Ross utilized his engineering experience, to design his very own flight bag. Once he began to show the design and concept to his fellow pilots, he discovered that there was a huge demand for this type of product. Inspired by this feedback, Ross took the decision to launch BrightLine Bags, and the company has flourished ever since. For more information about the company, and their range of bags and the different modules available, visit their website at


Company Name:BrightLine Bags
Contact Person:Ross Bishop
Phone:(415) 721-7825
Address:1537 4th Street - Suite 233
City:San Rafael