Haddon Township, N.J. – VSA, Inc., based in Camden County, NJ, was a sponsor of the Leadership Summit of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) in Chicago April 16 through April 18.  VSA is a lead generation and inside sales firm serving business to business clients nationwide, with a focus on healthcare. This is the fourth consecutive year that VSA leadership has attended this significant industry conference.

Billed as “The Inside Sales Leadership Event of the Year,” the Summit introduces industry professionals from across the country to the newest tools and strategies within Inside Sales. And according to Valerie Schlitt, VSA’s president and CEO, the sales industry is embracing rapid changes.

“Just four years ago, I remember that about 80% of the presentations at the Summit focused on the ‘soft skills’ such as coaching and training,” recalls Ms. Schlitt, “Since then, there’s been an incredible burst of tools and technologies that involve big data and artificial intelligence.”

“Our decision to sponsor the event this year underscores the value we gain from AA-ISP membership and the benefits of staying current with our industry,” said Schlitt.

One of the title sponsors was Gong, a company that delivers a conversation intelligence tool that can gather large quantities of actual sales conversations and determine which produce the best results – among many other benefits. VSA’s leadership attended the presentation delivered by Amit Bendov, Gong’s CEO and co-founder.

Mr. Bendov showed that when the right data is available and can be analyzed, knowing what works in sales is no longer a matter of opinion. It’s based on facts.

The facts have led Gong’s team to some amazing and sometimes counterintuitive conclusions, such as:  Talking to a prospect about return on investment (ROI) has proven to reduce business development reps (BDRs’) close rates and; When BDRs ask too many questions of C-Suite executives, their close rates go down.

For VSA’s leadership, these are potentially game-changing insights that can greatly assist the company’s ability to offer high-quality lead generation services to its clients.

“Learning about what new technologies like Gong is what makes AA-ISP such a valuable organization,” reflects Ms. Schlitt, who serves as co-president of the organization’s Philadelphia chapter. “I encourage anyone who wants to learn more to seek out their local AA-ISP chapter and join.”

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