Haddon Township, N.J. – With Business Not As Usual, Local Company Pivots in Response to Pandemic. Businesses striving to keep employees working during the current pandemic must be both willing and able to adjust quickly and think outside the box. For South Jersey telesales firm VSA, Inc., reinventing itself in the face of COVID-19 was a natural reaction to the changing business climate.

In early April, the company announced a partnership with ATCRx, a company that aims to distribute tens of thousands of COVID-19 test kits to hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics across the US. ATCRx is providing a complete array of COVID-19 test kits, including an in-office, 15-minute Rapid test and the COVID-19 PCR test with a 24-hour turnaround time for results. The challenge ATCRx faced, however, was getting the word out that the tests are available.

“Everyone knows there’s an urgent need for tests, and most healthcare organizations are desperately seeking where to source them,” says Valerie Schlitt, VSA president and CEO. “That’s where a company like VSA comes in.”

For 20 years, VSA has specialized in providing customized, targeted and effective telephone outreach services to companies offering complex products and services—including many in the healthcare industry, where the firm has gained a reputation as specialists. When ATCRx—a company headed by a former VSA client—recognized the need to spread the news quickly about their test kits, they knew exactly who to call.

“Although this was a departure from our typical client, I wanted to keep my staff intact and also saw the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution,” says Schlitt. “We provided our services at a discounted rate to help make it possible to distribute tests to those who need them most.

“What normally takes three weeks to accomplish, we delivered in just seven days. I wasn’t sure we could turn it around that quickly, but my whole team said, ‘Yes!’ Staff members worked around the clock.”

Schlitt believes that one key to businesses not only surviving but thriving in the current situation is to reinvent themselves by exploring innovative ways to use existing skill sets. VSA had the outbound and inbound capabilities, the staff and the telemarketing experience to be able to keep their call center services relevant.

The test kits distributed by ATCRx represent a reliable, affordable, and widely available means of identifying patients who are either active carriers or have previously been exposed to COVID-19. They are exactly what hospitals have been waiting for: a powerful tool to track and combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“Though we never expected this to happen, I’m proud that our team was nimble and able to innovate quickly to provide real value during this time of crisis,” says Schlitt. “We’re thrilled to have been chosen to assist with this important project.”

Company Name:VSA, Inc.
Contact Person:Valerie Schlitt
Address:212 Haddon Avenue
City:Haddon Township