Haddon Township, N.J. – After fifteen (15) years of informal collaboration, South Jersey-based VSA, Inc. is excited to announce a referral partnership with Florida-based SalesRoads. Both firms are leading B2B lead generation and appointment setting firms, helping clients nationwide build their sales pipelines.

The relationship started when Valerie Schlitt, VSA’s president and CEO, met SalesRoads’ president David Kreiger in 2004 at an alumni event at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.
“Back then, VSA was young,” recalls Ms. Schlitt. “We were still defining our niche. I became very interested in what David was doing because it seemed we were providing similar services.”

The two have kept in touch off and on ever since, often infrequently, with several periods during which their busy schedules caused them to drift out of touch. Recently, though, they reconnected through one of SalesRoad’s postings on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. The two have formalized their relationship with monthly information-sharing sessions.

The two presidents compare successes and lessons learned from each company’s differing operating models, team structures, and onboarding processes.

“The industry is changing so quickly,” explains Ms. Schlitt, “that having another ‘brain’ like David’s is really helpful. We’ve both embraced the value of sharing information. At the end of the day, we believe that there’s enough business to go around for everyone. We have different models and are not direct competitors.  We benefit more from sharing than protecting our turf.”

In May 2019, VSA and SalesRoads took their partnership a step further with formal reciprocal Referral Partner Agreements.  The two are natural referral partners. Both VSA and SalesRoads have developed niche expertise in specific industries. While SalesRoads’ primary client base includes many high growth, venture-backed companies, VSA focuses on serving the healthcare, education, manufacturing, and logistics markets.

“While different from VSA in terms of organizational model and market served,” Ms. Schlitt explains, “SalesRoads shares our commitment to delivering effective, customized campaigns, high quality leads, and outstanding client service. We complement each other perfectly.”

VSA continues to make contributions to their industry. Last month, they were sponsors at the Leadership Summit of the American Association of Inside Sales Professional (AA-ISP) held in Chicago. Ms. Schlitt continues to publish articles in respected industry websites that help others in business with a variety of relevant topics.

Company Name:VSA, Inc.
Contact Person:Valerie Schlitt
Address:212 Haddon Avenue Suite 8
City:Haddon Township
State: NJ
Website: https://www.vsaprospecting.com/