Santa Barbara CASpendlogic, an innovative and forward thinking software development company is pleased to announce that their innovative, simple to operate and efficient software solution is helping their clients comply with ever-changing CSPR Regulations.

The DCMA’s Contractor Purchasing System Review is a minefield of ever-changing challenges for contractors employed by the government. Failure to comply with or follow the regulations can have severe consequences for the company involved, including the possibility of them losing the ability to contract with the government.

The challenge for medium-sized companies is trying to keep on top of the ever-changing regulations with many business owners opting to pay for expensive new forms, templates, additional training, or even investing in new staff to form a compliance team. Spendlogic is a much more efficient, economical and sustainable system, that allows businesses to quickly and easily create CPSR compliant price analysis reports. The software is continuously updated to reflect any changes, and as a consequence is fast becoming the choice of federal contractors across the country.

“For many business owners a government contract can be vital to their existence, providing reliable cash flow, regular payments and a sense of stability,” said Patrick Mathern, a spokesperson for Spendlogic. “The problem is that they start with very little oversight, but then grow to the point where they must comply with CPSR requirements.  Even the best companies can fall foul of the regulations, due to their ever-changing nature. It is conceivable that a company could pay for training, and have it delivered on a Friday, only for it to be out of date the following Monday. Our software solution is different because it is constantly updated to ensure that it complies with the latest changes, which means that our clients can relax knowing that they are CPSR compliant.”

Spendlogic is an innovative software company with an in-depth knowledge of the specific industries that they work in. They have been in government contracting for almost 20 years, working with top defense contractors in the U.S. Across countless companies; they have seen first-hand the challenges that buyers and sellers face. From single and sole-source procurement challenges to massive project delays and compliance issues, they developed SpendLogic to make their clients work easier. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

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Contact Person:Patrick Mathern