Atlanta GA – Patrick Mathern, the founder and current President of Spendlogic, will be speaking at the 2020 Government Contract Pricing Summit. Since 2001, under Patrick Mathern Spendlogic has driven over one billion dollars in funding through compliant cost/price analyses, source justifications, and commercial item determinations. Every SpendLogic report ever composed in the 19 years they’ve been in business has been successfully evaluated and reviewed by the DCMA, DCAA, and Primes.

Possessing a spotless track record, Patrick’s passions include identifying and developing cost-effective and time-efficient methodologies for government contract pricing while making sure that taxpayer money is spent productively. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business studies from Gonzaga University and an MBA from the University of Washington.

He will be speaking on the topic, “How to Fail Your Next CPSR”, and through his discussion of the subject matter Spendlogic aims to bring a new perspective to the topic of CPSRs by discussing some of the mistakes and challenges facing contractors working government-based jobs. Throughout the presentation, some of the areas that will be touched upon by Patrick include real-world examples and lively discussions pertaining to all of the mistakes you shouldn’t make during your next CPSR.

The discussion will look into why the government perceives these particular mistakes as critically fatal to your business aspirations. The company’s passion for enhancing your business’ pricing strategies will virtually guarantee that your business aspirations are benefited through your attendance.

Patrick’s knowledge and wisdom concerning the realm of CPSR-oriented tips and tricks will leave you with a new perspective on government contract pricing by giving you ideas that simply don’t fit in any particular “box” or “niche”.

Our company’s ideas have the potential to revolutionize the manner in which you conduct business. Instead of focusing on the overutilized and often cliché checklist thrown around regarding how you can pass your CPSR, Patrick’s perspectives shift the presentation’s focus to defending the assets you’ve already obtained, rather than expanding upon how to gain more of them. Instead of trying to better your business from the outside-in,

Patrick’s words of wisdom will help you redefine the goals and spectrum of your business from the inside-out – and the first step to doing this is defining how not to make common mistakes. Patrick’s information ensures that your business will remain a cut above the rest by making you aware of common errors in contract pricing. Patrick Mathern’s ideas and knowledge will guarantee that your business not only passes but exceeds the highest standards of your next CPSR.

Company Name:Spend Logic
Contact Person:Patrick Mathern
Phone:(856) 406-2799