Nova Scotia Canada – OfficePort, a specialist provider of IT support solutions for businesses are today pleased to announce the launch of their new website, which can be found at

The new website has been professionally built from the ground up. It features logical and straightforward navigation, a clean and modern interface, and, perhaps most importantly, developed to be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website dynamically changes depending on the type of device the visitor is using to ensure that the site always displays correctly. This is critical in the modern business world, as search engine companies have recently reported that over 50 percent of website visits are now completed on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets.

The Nova Scotia IT Support company were very conscious that their previous website had become jaded and did not deliver a positive representation of the company. This was even more important considering that their products are all IT related, and so a decision was taken to complete a total revamp of the website. Another issue for the company was ensuring that any content implemented on the site was easy to read and understand, particularly as their target audience would not necessarily be particularly technical.

“Every industry has its language and abbreviations specific to their industry, and it can be very easy to alienate potential new customers,” said Robert Salmon of OfficePort. “We were and always are very conscious of this fact, in our opinion, there is no such thing as a silly question, and so we wanted to ensure that our website reflected this. We also felt that it was important that our site looked professional and well designed due to the industry we represent. We are delighted with the look of the new site, and it has already begun to raise our profile, and receive compliments from some of our regular customers.”

OfficePort is a locally owned and operated company based in Nova Scotia, Canada. The company specializes in helping small to medium-sized business owners make critical decisions about IT. The issues facing business owners, Directors, and even IT Managers themselves are increasingly complicated. Security, risk, and privacy are all top of mind. At OfficePoint, these are the challenges and hurdles faced daily, and clients can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

Company Name:OfficePort
Contact Person:Robert Salmon
Address:1 Inlet Drive
State:Nova Scotia