Tantallon Canada – OfficePort, a leading Canadian provider of Cloud Computing Services, is pleased to announce that they have recently extended their geographical area to include St John’s Newfoundland. Cloud Computing is one of the fastest-growing areas in technology at present, and that growth has only accelerated around the world due to the recent global pandemic.

The company is currently executing an aggressive expansion plan, recruiting more staff members, and investing in new technology. St John’s Newfoundland is the latest region to benefit from its services, with many more in the pipeline. However, the company’s management team is focused on ensuring that the high levels of customer service for which they are renowned are maintained, which is why each new area and expansion is methodically planned.

“We are excited to finally launch our services in St John’s Newfoundland, an area that we have long wanted to expand into,” said Robert Salmon of OfficePort. “We cannot wait for Newfoundland residents and business owners to begin experiencing our high-quality, reliable cloud computing services. Our commitment to providing a quality service remains as high as ever, and we are very confident that our new customers will come to rely on us as much as our current ones.”

OfficePort is a locally owned and operated company based in Nova Scotia, Canada. The company specializes in helping small to medium-sized business owners make critical decisions about IT. The issues facing business owners, Directors, and even IT Managers themselves are increasingly complicated. Security, risk, and privacy are all top of mind. At OfficePoint, these are the type of challenges and hurdles faced daily, and clients can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at https://www.officeport.ca/


Company Name:OfficePort
Contact Person:Robert Salmon
Address:1 Inlet Drive