Village of Clarkston MIMaids in a Minute, a local provider of house cleaning services in Clarkston MI, is today delighted to release an extensive list of the strategies they have been employing to help their client’s homes remain COVID free.

The company, which has an excellent reputation both locally and online, as can be validated by its numerous positive reviews, has always been committed to the local community. They have designed and developed an exclusive training package for their staff, to ensure that both staff and clients were afforded the highest possible protection during the COVID 19 outbreak.

However, the owners of the company were also very aware of the fact that not everyone in the local community used the services of Maids in a Minute, and so the company wanted to do whatever they could to help fight the disease. This lead to them producing a concise guide that is available to anyone, that details how to clean your home, and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The company only uses EPA approved disinfectants for use against the novel Coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. The guide identifies the disinfectants by name, enabling anyone in the oval community to go out and purchase these extra-strong disinfectants. The company hopes that if enough people read and follow the guide, that the people of Clarkston can return to healthy everyday life and stay safe.

Maids in a Minute is a locally owned and operated house cleaning company based in Clarkston, MI. The company provides flat rate, no-contract pricing residential cleaning services for contemporary living. The company offers a broad range of services suitable for all requirements. For more information about the company, the services they provide, or to obtain a free quotation, visit their website at

Company Name:Maids In A Minute
Contact Person:Kyla George
Phone:+1 248-617-6310
Address:5134 Parview Dr
City:Village of Clarkston
Country:United States