Clarkston MIMaids in a Minute, a locally owned and operated house cleaning company, based in Clarkston MI, is proud to announce that they are setting the trend in the house cleaning niche by providing green and sustainable cleaning services in Michigan.

Although the company has always strived to focus on being environmentally friendly, they have noticed in recent months that their clients are much more aware of and interested in the benefits of choosing an environmentally friendly option. In previous years customers placed a priority on the quality of the cleaning service provided, customer service, and reliability. Although these issues are still fundamental, the awareness and requests from the client base to use green products have dramatically increased.

Maids in a Minute is always keen to ensure customer satisfaction, and the company is proud of the fact that they have a lot of positive reviews online from satisfied customers. However, they also like to be at the forefront of innovation within the industry, which is why they decided to become one of the first house cleaning Clarkston companies to use green and sustainable products. This has proved to be a very popular move and is one of the critical factors responsible for driving the business forward.

Maids in a Minute is a locally owned and operated house cleaning company based in Clarkston, MI. The company provides flat rate, no-contract pricing residential cleaning services for contemporary living. The company offers a broad range of services suitable for all requirements. For more information about the company, the services they provide, or to obtain a free quotation, visit their website at

Company Name: Maids In A Minute
Contact Person:Kyla George
Phone:(248) 924-9667
Address: 5134 Parview Dr
Country: United States