Fargo ND – Desirae Interiors, a leading event planning company and interior design expert, is delighted to announce their Fargo Interior Design Service launch. The concept and unique selling point of Desirae Interiors is the use of a holistic and edited approach. They will help their clients to select furnishings that not only look fantastic but are timeless investments with a personal story.

Transparency and curiosity are integrated into each phase of the process. Desirae Interiors supports their creativity with intentional Feng Shui principles, giving the company a unique and refreshing appeal.

At launch, the company will offer two different types of consultations, a full-Service Interior Design for families with vacation homes or those desiring a personal sanctuary, and a virtual interior design service compromising of a 2-hour ask-us-anything online consultation. The entire process is designed to help customers to relax and take a break from the constant high-pressure rat race of everyday life. In many cases, even the vacation home has become just another location when work is completed, which is one of the challenges that Desirae Interiors hopes to solve.

“As a founder of Desirae Interiors, I have always had a strong desire and passion for delivering a holistic approach to interior design,” said Desirae Putnam, owner and founder of Desirae Interiors. “With the launch of our Fargo Interior Design Service, I have the opportunity to transform the interiors of my client’s vacation homes, helping them to maximize the benefit of their limited vacation time.”

Desirae Interiors is a locally owned and operated company located in Fargo, ND. The company is passionate about interior design and utilizes a holistic approach to provide its clients with the maximum benefit. For more information about the company, and the services it offers, visit their website at https://desiraeinteriors.com

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