Desirae Interiors, a full-service interior design company in Fargo, ND has announced they are now accepting new projects. They offer both residential and commercial Fargo interior design services which include everything from an initial consultation to artistic final touches.

The company was founded by experienced designer and entrepreneur, Desirae Putnam. “With many spending so much more time at home, we’ve seen a soaring interest in creating designated areas for a multitude of activities,” reflects interior designer Desirae Putnam. “People are ready to update their space and we are ready to help.”

Desirae Interiors takes a “full-service” approach for families with vacation homes or those desiring a personal sanctuary. Their process begins a 2 hour consult of your wants and desires, and finishes when furnishings have been selected that balance functional needs with esthetic desires. Transparency and curiosity are facilitated by their Feng Shui guidelines, which support creativity while maintaining order to each phase of the process.

Desirae Interiors is the culmination of a lifelong passion for fashion, art, and design. Desirae Putnam has been designing spaces for her own home since she was a child and decided after college that interior design was the perfect profession to use all of her creative passions for. After working for an interior design firm in Fargo, she decided to start her own business because of the opportunity and flexibility that it offered her.

Desirae Interiors has been created to be a fully comprehensive interior design service, able to meet all of your home design needs from consultation and space planning through installation. Sustainable living is becoming an increasing concern for families across America, and Desirae Interiors is here to help you utilize the tools and techniques that save resources, time, money, and energy.

Desirae’s love of home design transcends into a passion for sustainable living. She has been lucky enough to work with companies such as Holly Hunt in Minneapolis on this important issue and is passionate about making a difference. She has been included in discussions on ABC, CBS, and NBC on the topic of sustainable interior design.

Interior design is important for anyone living in this world of ever growing population. The place where you live should be with utmost comfort. This can only be achieved if your home has the most comfortable and functional space, and its design complements your household requirements perfectly at every level of utility.

Space planning is an integral part of interior design, which involves the various elements like electrical, appliances, plumbing and other items that make up a comfortable home with regard to the needs and desires of its homeowners.

With an affordable “Virtual Interior Design” service and event planning services unique to your needs, you’ll find all your interior design wants met at Desirae Interiors. Desirae Interiors’ Fargo interior design services can be reached at

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