DALLAS, TX – Compass Datacenters published an article addressing the need to understand your data center’s airflow requirements. While many people find themselves in the dark on this subject, the article, entitled “Is Data Center Airflow Still a Mystery?” makes the argument that the mystery only exists if you let it. The article states:

“Is data center airflow still a mystery? Pardon me for the bluntness of my answer: only if you let it be. While everyone who operates a data center may not be a physicist, or whatever field of scientific endeavor covers the principles of air circulation within confined spaces, they do have access to a variety of product offerings that do the heavy lifting for you. Despite this plethora of available tools to help you identify areas in your data center that are hot enough to smelt metal, a romp through any number of “mission critical” facilities will uncover a healthy complement of empty metal racks being bathed in the cool breezes delivered from the perforated tiles surrounding them.”

Compass uncovers that while cooling processes are accounted for in the initial design phase of a data center, this initial calculation ceases to become useful when you upgrade your hardware. The article elaborates:

“Interestingly, it is estimated that 80% of data center customers use CFD tools to optimize the original layout of the facility, but there is a precipitous drop-off in usage in an on-going basis. This is, of course, a logical decision if one never expects the layout of their data center to change. Unfortunately, in practice, this is rarely the case. At a minimum, most data centers perform hardware refreshes every 3-5 years, and in a world where not having, or plans to have, a cloud presence of your very own makes you the data center equivalent of Neanderthal man, maximizing the efficiency your data center cooling methodology is a basic operational requirement.”

So there exists this dangerous assumption that with your hardware upgrades, your cooling requirements won’t change. The article stresses the need for a regular audit of your cooling system and how this is crucial to the survival and operational cost of your data center.

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