DALLAS, TX – Compass Datacenters recently published an article with an accompanying infographic that highlights the trends in consumer connectivity that are just around the corner. Society’s adoption rate of connected devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) shows no sign of slowing which will directly impact current and future data connectivity and transmission needs of anyone in the IoT space. Here are some of the more impressive stats from the article:

Regarding wearables: “From subtle hybrid types that still sport an analog face (Fossil does this the best) to full-on Android or iOS versions that extend your phone (or even your desktop) to your wrist, 2019 is the year that 1 in 5 internet users will own a wearable device.”

On your increasingly-connected home: “IDC suggests that there will be over 940 million smart home devices by 2022 – which include anything from a connected lightbulb to the aforementioned Alexas, to loftier endeavors like the connected refrigerator that can set up an alert when your low on milk – or even more interesting (read: expensive), autofire an order from Amazon before you run out.”

Addressing the pre-explosive market for smart clothing: “Tractica estimates that 10.2 million units of smart clothing will ship by 2020 – that’s NEXT YEAR. What is smart clothing, and why should you care? While this segment is still fairly nascent, we’re already seeing things like jackets with swipeable patches that allow you to do things on your phone while it’s still in your pocket to numerous sports-related apparel pieces that track everything from whether you’re holding the correct yoga pose to compression shirts that can calculate your anaerobic threshold in real time. With production costs dropping and adoption ever-increasing, look to see this figure grow over the coming years.”

While these stats are interesting to read, what does all this mean for those in the data game? The article points out how the Edge is now more important than ever – and will need all the help it can get in the coming years. With the existing workloads of CDNs and the like, the exponential growth of this new category of IoT and it’s bandwidth/latency demands will only highlight the need for scalable, quick-delivery, decentralized server solutions that can deploy supportive infrastructure to keep up with demand.

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