St. Louis, MO –¬†Angela Skurtu, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, recently launched a YouTube channel offering research-backed tips for navigating common relationship challenges. With over 15 years of experience counseling couples, Skurtu provides actionable advice on building intimacy, resolving conflicts, and maintaining passion.

“My goal is to give couples the tools to communicate effectively and strengthen their emotional connection,” said Skurtu. “I want to help them transform battles into constructive conversations.”

Some highlights from Skurtu’s channel include a video on “Navigating ‘Tickle Windows’ to Improve Physical Intimacy.” She explains the concept of “tickle windows” – when a type of touch goes from enjoyable to irritating. Couples can avoid rejection and hurt feelings by communicating desires early.

Another popular video focuses on “Choosing Your Battles Wisely.” Skurtu notes the importance of addressing issues before resentment builds, using “I” statements, and avoiding blame. She emphasizes transforming battles into conversations.

With a wealth of topics like non-intimate marriages, emotional affairs, and experimenting intimately, Skurtu’s advice is resonating. “The feedback has been so rewarding. Helping couples deepen their connection is my passion,” she said.

For those seeking to strengthen their relationship, Skurtu’s YouTube channel offers a free, easily accessible resource. Her compassionate, thoughtful guidance provides a roadmap to overcoming common obstacles.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about building understanding and intimacy in your unique partnership,” said Skurtu. “With the right tools, you can get there.”

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St. Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC is a dedicated provider of specialized marriage counseling services. Led by Angela Skurtu, a therapist with a passion for helping couples thrive, the practice stands out for its intensive programs that address the complexities of relationships with depth, humor, and a commitment to positive change.

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