• Tailored Couples Intensives for focused relationship revitalization
• Exclusive Marriage Therapy Retreats for an immersive healing experience
• Expert guidance through critical relationship crossroads

Chesterfield, MO – November 29, 2023 – St. Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC, under the leadership of Angela Skurtu, is proud to announce its tailored Couples Intensives and exclusive Marriage Therapy Retreats. These programs represent the pinnacle of intensive relationship counseling, offering couples a unique opportunity to delve deep into their relationship issues and emerge with a stronger, more profound connection.

Taking the time to nurture a relationship can be challenging, especially with how busy and demanding our lives are. St. Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC addresses this challenge head-on with its Couples Intensives, providing an opportunity for couples to concentrate on their relationship without the distractions of daily life. Whether it’s reigniting the spark in a happy relationship, navigating the aftermath of infidelity, or deciding the future together, these intensives are designed to produce meaningful change in a condensed time frame.

A Deep Dive into Relationship Dynamics

The Couples Intensive Program includes two distinct offerings: Marriage Therapy Retreats and Jump Start Sessions. The Marriage Therapy Retreats are a five-day immersion, carefully structured to assess and rebuild the marital relationship. Couples engage in daily sessions where they learn new communication skills and strategies to strengthen their union. Following a comprehensive assessment, each day is dedicated to different aspects of the couple’s relationship, with homework assignments to cement the day’s learning.

Intensive Healing and Growth

For those seeking a more succinct yet potent therapy experience, the Jump Start Session provides a full day of concentrated counseling. This session is perfect for couples who are prepared to take significant steps towards change in a single day. The therapy includes a comprehensive assessment, goal setting, and a personalized treatment plan with actionable steps to continue their progress at home.

The cost for these transformative experiences reflects the value and depth of the work involved. A non-refundable deposit ensures commitment to the process and secures the couple’s place in these sought-after programs.

Transforming Relationships with Expertise

Angela Skurtu’s approach is characterized by directness, research-based strategies, and supportive guidance. Throughout the intensive sessions, Angela challenges couples to grow and change, providing clear direction and action plans tailored to meet their specific goals. With the inclusion of homework assignments, reading materials, and other resources, couples are equipped to continue their growth beyond the intensive experience.

St. Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC invites couples to step into a journey of intensive growth and healing. To schedule a consultation and learn more about the Couples Intensives and Marriage Therapy Retreats, call Angela Skurtu at 314-973-7997 or visit https://therapistinstlouis.com.

About St. Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC

St. Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC is a dedicated provider of specialized marriage counseling services. Led by Angela Skurtu, a therapist with a passion for helping couples thrive, the practice stands out for its intensive programs that address the complexities of relationships with depth, humor, and a commitment to positive change.

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