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Want to know why white label press release distribution services are one of the best-kept secrets in marketing?


Many of the businesses and brands that you see being featured on national news outlets didn’t get there by happenstance. They don’t necessarily have major network partnerships. And the news media probably never heard of them before receiving the brand’s press release.


So, how in the world did they get nationwide coverage of their company’s news—without otherwise being on a news station’s radar?


The answer is quite simple: these brands and businesses are using white label press release agencies. Below, we’re going to tell you how our white label service can get your press release the same amount of coverage those other businesses enjoy; keep reading for more information!

What is White Label Press Release Distribution?

A white (or private) label is given to products when the original manufacturer’s branding is removed and replaced with a purchaser’s brand name. In press release distribution, the white label company will publish the news release without their own name and only include the company that paid for the service.


Press releases will read similarly to a standard news article and may be seen on major news outlets and in places like Google News, Yahoo, and Bing. There won’t be any links back to the white label distribution service and your press release will simply appear to be newsworthy and interesting (without the help of a third-party distributor).

Why Use a White Label Press Release Service

A press release service will save you the time it takes to make connections with journalists, the headache of pitching your press release, and the effort it takes to have it featured on multiple outlets at once.


A white label press release service will provide these same benefits but never let anyone know that they’re behind the scenes, giving your brand that much more credibility from the news release exposure.


Additionally, some white-label distribution services have a team of writers who can help perfect the wording and grammar of your release. This is ideal if you don’t have the time or writing experience to create a stellar press release.

How a Press Release Can Build Your Brand

A press release is a cost-effective way to help promote your brand’s reputation and visibility—even if you choose to hire a white label service. You’re able to communicate with your target audience via several types of print media in a manner that doesn’t necessarily feel like an advertisement, leaving a positive, lasting impression.


When your press release is covered by well-known, reliable websites, news channels, and radio stations, you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry. In turn, this will build trust and recognition among new and existing customers.


A digital press release will be featured on a website and typically include a link (or two) back to your website. These backlinks will prompt readers from the original publication to click on your website, increasing traffic, potential new sales, and possibly even domain authority.


Domain authority may also be increased simply by having those high-quality backlinks from the initial publication to your website. All of this leads to better brand recognition, reputation, visibility, and eventually increased sales!


Publishing press releases regularly is a cost-effective option that will allow your company to remain in the public’s view, continually gain new customers, improve your digital reach, and ultimately position your brand as a household name.

Choosing a White Label Press Release Agency

There are several clear reasons why using a white label press release agency can and will work for your brand. The only thing that is left to do is to find an agency that meets your needs!


Of course, you’ll want to check out how many network partnerships that a press release service has. You’ll also want to consider their pricing structure, if they have a competent writing team, and whether they are truly a white label service.


Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you’ll find that Press Synergy fits the bill when it comes to the number of nation-wide partnerships, the value we provide, our talented writers, and the fact that our services are in fact, white label. Contact us today to learn how our white label press releases can benefit your brand!


Can I get a discount for ordering white label press releases in bulk?

We offer several options when it comes to purchasing in bulk, ranging from a single press release to ten. Additionally, we give you the ability to ‘bring your own’ press release and simply allow us to publish it.


Which press release distribution package should I choose?

Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut answers to this—it depends on your brand’s needs and goals. If your aim is to build your company’s reputation or increase long-term visibility, we would recommend considering the packages that include five or ten white label press releases.


Why should I choose a private or unbranded press release distribution from Press Synergy?

The answer is simple: Press Synergy is unrivaled when it comes to the number of network partnerships we have, our pricing, and of course, our unmatched results! Additionally, we pair you with one of our talented writers that you’ll have direct contact with throughout your press release writing process—no one else offers this!