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Are you a contractor looking for a professionally made press release for your roofing company? Roofing contractors don’t really have a place to find roofing-related press releases. Here at Press Synergy, we take pride in producing the best possible results for your company while strictly adhering to your company’s brand voice. Our job is simple – we are interested in creating the best possible roofing press releases for your roofing company.


Through discussing the unique benefits of your product or service to online readers, roofing press releases allow roofing companies to give readers a distinct taste of their offering. We create press releases that actively represent your company’s values and interests.


Who Are We?


Press Synergy is a publishing network with access to hundreds of nationally syndicated local news outlets, including CBS, ABC, and FOX News. Because we publish our content through nationally syndicated media channels, it reaches a more diverse audience of readers. This leads to a greater chance of your company obtaining a customer from one of our roofing press releases.


In order to ensure that your company ranks higher on Google, we make use of SEO best practices and keyword optimization. The owners of Press Synergy have nearly 50 years of experience with SEO and can assure you that your money will not be wasted.


After we rank your content on Google using strategically placed keywords, our team of professional writers creates engaging and persuasive content that informs and convinces the reader of something. The combined talent of our writing team gives your roofing contractor company killer press releases every single time, for an affordable price.


Our press releases for roofers always remain live on the newsroom, which means that your company’s nationally syndicated press release can’t ever be removed from the Internet.


What is SEO?


The Internet has changed the trajectory of business forever. With the majority of the world logging onto Google at least once a day to search for some kind of information, making sure your website gets seen by as many people as possible will bring your business more customers than you could have previously imagined.


Customers will literally appear out of the woodwork if your content is fresh enough for Google to deem relevant and give a first page (top 10) listing. In addition, SEO-friendly content establishes a sense of trust, credibility, and professionalism with the reader.

In simplest terms, SEO works by demonstrating to search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google that your company’s content is the most relevant and best result for the keyword query somebody entered.


But, it’s important to remember that every search engine is slightly different, and that a press release ranking #1 on Google won’t necessarily do so on Bing or Yahoo (and vice versa).


Getting additional organic traffic to your company’s web pages comes from optimizing your written content to rank higher and pull in more ‘clicks’ (readers).


The more readers and subscribers you have associated with your company, brand, or content, the more likely it is that people will purchase your company’s product or service when compared with your competitors.


What is “Crawlability”?


The crawlability of your web page lets Google know that it exists. Crawling is the process by which Google is able to find your content on the World Wide Web – it does this by following links on pages it has indexed to pages it hasn’t.


Your roofing company’s new press release falls under this category and making sure that you have a backlink from a website that is already in Google’s index will ensure that it can see your website properly. If Google can’t crawl your website (or if you don’t have any backlinks established), it effectively doesn’t exist.


This is why establishing backlinks is so important for guaranteeing high-ranking press releases.


How Can We Help Your Company Profit?


By creating hundreds of quality backlinks from high-authority domains, our company helps your roofing contractor company get SEO down pat. While you work with us to construct roofing press releases, you’ll notice that your company’s press releases consistently outrank your competition’s web pages on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Because all of our roofing press releases are keyword-optimized and relevant to typical customer search queries, you’ll receive more passive web traffic and a greater degree of online reach.

People on the hunt for roofing companies will input a variety of search terms into Google, some of which include: “best roofing company”, “roofing contractor”, “contractor for roof” and “roofing business near me”.


Through those keywords alone, your website will garner customers who know exactly what they’re looking for. However, you may run into one problem – almost all of your customers will not know exactly what they are looking for. In fact, they may be on the fence as to whether they should purchase products from your company at all!

The job of a properly constructed press release is to convince readers they were looking for your product or service all along. In fact, readers shouldn’t know they need something from your roofing company until they’ve read your press release.


It is our company’s job to assuage and reassure your potential customers’ concerns and desires through our roofing press releases. Because they’re not pushy and focus on how the customer can benefit from using your service, people respond much more positively to them than to advertisements – in short, roofing press releases create the perfect gateway for establishing your company as the authority in roofing.


Because almost all industries are rife with competition, making sure we conduct customer outreach properly through our roofing press releases becomes extra-important.


Should You Utilize Our Press Releases or Traditional Methods of Advertisement?


While advertisements can deliver some return on your investment (ROI) occasionally, crafting press releases is a superior method for gaining website traffic and customers.


According to a study conducted by Technology Advice and Unbounce, 79% of online users never click on advertisements. Additionally, 90% of people who click on ads decide not to make purchases after doing so, which can leave your marketing campaign high and dry. Even more unappealing is that 27% of people see advertisements as inherently untrustworthy.


3 out of 4 online users will come across an advertisement and completely ignore it. Of the 1 in 4 people who open an advertisement banner, 9 in 10 will not end up making a purchase. Overall, your roofing company’s chances of landing a substantial amount of website traffic or new customers while using traditional methods of advertisement are minimal. In fact, your company has less than a 2.5% chance of landing a new customer with each ad campaign you roll out.


Does your roofing company use direct email campaigns, social media, or newsletters to cold pitch to your audience? Try creating optimized roofing press releases instead – let your prospective customers come to you because of the content you create rather than taking the time to reach out to countless companies (who, 99 out of 100 times, will not give you a response).


Cold pitching is like shooting blind in the dark and expecting to hit the bullseye on your target. Usually, it’s not going to happen.


On the other hand, crafting persuasive roofing press releases gives your company a way to attract more web traffic passively – meaning that you don’t have to spend all of your time trying to find customers. By contrast, cold pitching advertisement campaigns require your company to actively search for prospective roofing customers, most of whom will not be interested in your roofing company’s services.


The Benefits Of Having More Online Reach


Having a greater degree of online reach gives your roofing contractor company a much higher chance of obtaining more customers when compared to the competition. Another unspoken benefit of working with Press Synergy is being able to say your company’s press release was featured on CBS, ABC, or FOX News.


Because the roofing press releases we produce are nationally syndicated, you can paste, “As Seen On FOX/ABC/CBS News” to your company’s website for social legitimacy and added search engine authority.


This will undoubtedly put your roofing contractor company miles ahead of the competition, because your business rivals haven’t yet figured out how to produce awesome, engaging, keyword-optimized press releases detailing the efficacy of their products and services. Better yet, you’ll gain customers who would have shopped somewhere else had they not seen proof of national syndication (“As Seen on CBS/ABC/FOX News”) on your website.


Search engine authority can be yours if spending the time and effort to make your dream a reality is worth it. Just hire our team of professional writers to create keyword-optimized, engaging and persuasive content – our press releases for roofers are also distributed throughout our private networks for added online visibility.


Optional Upgrades And Their Usefulness


Optional upgrades to this package include link building packages and video press releases.

Link building packages are useful for bolstering the search engine authority of your roofing company’s website quickly and easily without writing a bunch of new content.


If you use our backlink building packages to reach a larger variety of readers, you may get more attention from your target audience. This is the case because link building packages allow your company’s website to quickly and easily match up with high-authority backlinks. SEO backlinks are among the most important resources for your company’s website to use when optimizing and indexing content effectively.


A video press release may be useful for signaling to readers that your company physically exists. Namely, video press releases allow you to personalize your roofing contractor company’s best attributes. Through film, your roofing company’s most interpersonal aspects are broadcasted to your target audience.


By making use of a video press release, your roofing company can give online readers a glimpse into the inner workings of your company. Video press releases also enable you to literally speak to potential customers and are more likely to land you a sale (and a returning customer) than print press releases.


Why Should You Work With Us?


Our main goal is to market your roofing company’s product or service in a persuasive, engaging, search-engine friendly manner. Press Synergy wants to connect with your roofing company’s customers in a constructive way that encourages them to make a purchase or request more information about your company.


The goal of content marketing, at least as it applies to your roofing company, is to drive profitable customer action. Adapting this goal to your roofing press release is where the real money is made. When you decide to construct a press release for your roofing business, you’re giving your company’s website the unique opportunity to rank higher on Google. This means that your business is visible to more of your target audience and potential clients. What’s more is that you can speak to the desires of your customer’s heart through a press release aimed at discussing the customer-oriented benefits of your product or service.


Instead of repelling customers with boring content, we take pride in satisfying your readers’ thirst for quality articles. We can thank our team of professional writers for constructing each and every press release we send out.


Your clients want to hear all about why what you do is specifically good for them – they don’t really care about those degrees you got if you offer nothing of value to them or their wallets.


However, that’s how business should be, and you can easily cater to your client’s desires by preaching about them in press releases. In this way, understanding how high-ranking press releases really work is an advantage to your roofing contractor company.


You can trust our company to accomplish this goal whilst obtaining your roofing company more customers. Because our company’s owners have nearly 50 years of experience using SEO to craft well-written, persuasive, and engaging content, everything we approve for national syndication is keyword optimized to meet Google’s algorithmic requirements.


How Can I Schedule A Press Release?


Roofing companies looking for a company to represent their brand through press releases often don’t know where to look. Our company aims to change that by helping roofing companies just like yours construct keyword-optimized, engaging, informative, and persuasive press releases.


Take action today for a free consultation about your roofing company’s business goals, target audience, and intended advertisement campaign direction. If you’re interested in obtaining your very own press release for your roofing contractor company, send us an email or contact us online with questions, concerns, and project ideas.