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Are you looking for the best landscaping press releases around? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Press Synergy, we work hard to produce the best possible results while adhering to your brand’s authentic voice. Creating the best press releases for landscaping isn’t easy, but through documenting the biggest selling points of your landscaping business we create press releases that accurately represent your brand.


Who Are We?


We’re a publishing network with access to hundreds of nationally syndicated news outlets. CBS, ABC, and FOX News are the networks on which we publish content, and because these networks are so widespread your content reaches a national audience.


The owners of our company have nearly half a century of SEO experience and can guarantee that your press release ranks among the top spots in Google. Their combined talent and futuristic publishing techniques seep into every press release written by our team of professional writers, who are extensively trained by the owners.


What’s more is that our press releases always remain live on the newsroom, meaning that your article will never be taken down.


How Can We Help?


In addition to increasing the distribution of your press release article through our own private networks, we can assist your company with SEO.


SEO is an abbreviation standing for “search engine optimization.” It’s the process by which you can optimize content to be discovered through a search engine’s “links”, or results. Gaining free, passive traffic in addition to sustainably growing your leads is the goal of SEO.


However, optimizing your website isn’t so simple.


There are a whole host of factors that you need to account for when optimizing your website for Google. The words of your initial search, the relevance and usability of your page, the expertise of the sources you utilize in your writing, and the location/settings of your website all affect how it ranks.


If that wasn’t enough to contend with, Google is constantly updating their search algorithms in order to ‘shake up’ the world of SEO – meaning that the production of fresh, organic, SEO-friendly content is imperative to successfully employing SEO strategies.

Search engine optimization is a never-ending job that requires skill, talent, and the insight to see projects through.


By creating hundreds of backlinks from high-authority domains, we help your company do SEO right the first time. Our articles consistently rank higher than our competition’s on Google and other search engines. They’re keyword-optimized and relevant to common customer search queries. You’ll receive more passive web traffic and a higher level of online visibility for your company while working with us to construct landscaping press releases.


This increased level of online visibility gives your landscaping company a much higher chance of obtaining more customers. In addition, you can flaunt your company’s newly syndicated status – you can put “As Seen On CBS/FOX/ABC” on your website for added search engine authority and an increased level of legitimacy.


This will put your company miles ahead of the competition as the social proof of national syndication brings you customers who would have otherwise shopped elsewhere (had they not seen “ABC” in the corner of their eye).


Optional upgrades include link building packages and a video press release.


Link building packages are particularly useful for bolstering the authority of your site quickly and easily, without sinking a bunch of new content into the site. Your press release may garner more attention from your intended audience if you use our link building packages to reach a greater variety of readers.


Who Do We Work With?


Our syndications include hundreds of different local ABC, CBS, and FOX news outlets. In addition, our publishing power guarantees that your company is exposed to online readers from around the country. If you don’t know where to go for your next landscaping press release, give Press Synergy a chance. We distribute your content and latest press releases to hundreds of nationally recognized local news outlets.


Our team of professional writers expertly craft your company’s press release to perfection. In addition to keyword-optimizing each press release, everything we write engages and compels your target audience to take action. We want people to be knocking at your storefront, and to make that happen we employ the best of the best to write your company’s press releases.


What Do We Write About?


Whether you’re looking to cover the latest landscaping trends in your area, broadcast and advertise the efficacy of your services, or influence the tidal wave of customers looking to hire a landscaper, we can help. We take pride in constructing the best landscaping press releases out there, so you don’t have to worry about us misrepresenting your brand.


In fact, our press releases contain the active voice of your brand in order to best represent your company to a pool of online readers. That means you can have us talk about whatever you want, and we’ll polish it up to meet landscaping press release standards.


Because our releases always stay live in the newsroom, your press release will never get lost in the crowd. Rather, it will remain visible and high-ranking for months or even years before needing a keyword update to remain optimized.


We write about the benefits of your company compared to your competition’s. We discuss the unique offerings your business brings to the table and market them ruthlessly. Your target audience is our target audience, and we work to persuade, sell, and inform through the landscaping press releases we construct for your company.


Our main goal is marketing your product or service in a constructive and engaging way, so we can reel customers in instead of repelling them with boring content. Our ability to reach this goal is dependent on our team of professional writers stepping up to the plate each and every time a press release needs to be written.


The Cherry On Top Of The Sundae


In addition, upgrading to a video press release may garner even more customers for your landscaping business. Video press releases more thoroughly showcase your company’s best attributes through film.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures – this principle is especially true when it comes to constructing killer landscaping video press releases. By making use of a video press release, your company gives consumers an inside look at the way your company works. It gives you the chance to really talk to your customers (using your voice) and convey important persuasive messaging. In fact, it’s more likely to land you a sale (and a returning customer).


You may also consider purchasing a link building package – link building packages work to quickly rank your site and give it domain authority without much effort. Because they’re so easy to set up and use, they’re the perfect tool for reaching a variety of online readers.


Why Should You Work With Us?


You can trust us to achieve this goal for you (and obtain customers in the process) because our company’s owners have 50 years’ experience with SEO. They know everything there is to know about keyword placement, meta tags, and search query-relevant content. We construct the best landscaping press releases and video press releases out there.



How Can I Schedule A Press Release?


Oftentimes, landscapers looking for someone to accurately represent their company through a press release have no idea where to turn. Our company can help.


Take action today. If you’re interested in getting your landscaping company its very own press release, send us an email or contact us online. We’re eager to hear your questions, concerns, and project ideas – all you have to do is reach out.