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Considering Press Releases for Your Events? Try Press Synergy!


If you’re considering trying out a press release for your next event, odds are you’re going to want the best company available to do the job for the fairest price. Introducing Press Synergy – we produce the highest-quality press releases possible for your company’s next event.


We know how important promotional materials can be for taking your company to the next level, and we want to help you succeed financially. If you are a small-to-medium sized business, you can benefit greatly from utilizing press releases whenever possible. With Press Synergy, your event’s press release is published to national news networks like Google News, ABC, NBC and other syndicate affiliates.


We make sure that your event is nationally recognized by distributing information about your company and business model to hundreds of country-wide news networks. If you have a positive promotional story to use in bringing your business to the next level, make sure you get the press coverage you need by choosing Press Synergy.


What Is a Press Release, Anyway?


At its core, a press release is simply a promotional tool that can be utilized to inform and attract customers to your company’s message. Press releases give business owners the exposure they need to give their best presentation of their company. Networking is an underrated skill and creating the perfect press release can assist you in making new connections passively.


That’s the case because when a press release distribution service puts out your company’s current information, it is sent to nationally syndicated news networks that already have millions of readers. CBS, NBC News, and FOX are just a few of the networks we distribute your press release to. More people see your company’s offering without you lifting a finger.


How Can Crafting the Perfect Press Release Help Me?


Using a common press release format, you can quickly and easily create the perfect press release to advertise your company’s next event. Through choosing your target audience for you, we are able to expose your company to bigger and better news networks than you would otherwise reach. Press releases for larger companies typically garner much more attention than press releases that are distributed locally.


A press release distribution service such as ours works with numerous nationally recognized and syndicated news networks to bring as many people as possible to your next event – this means that your press release is distributed to FOX News, NBC, ABC, and other country-wide affiliates. State by state, your press release will highlight the successful past of your company whilst promoting your event online.


Data collection from these websites allows us to better select your target audience – and by using keywords with the intention of ranking on the first page of Google (better known as SEO), your strategies and future events or performances will be better targeted towards your audience. Different types of event press releases can also be utilized for pushing different company agendas and endorsing promotional tactics.


So…Why Should I Buy A Press Release From YOU?


Press Synergy is the promotional service that every business owner has dreamed about having at their disposal. Whether you choose to bring your own, pre-written press release or work with our team of writers to create the perfect press release, we can help you promote your company.


We offer syndication (publishing) to nationally recognized news networks, simple press release writings to be used elsewhere for local distribution, and authoritative backlinks to ensure that more people read your story. We’re the only company to offer fair prices, US-and-UK based writers (outsourced work is nonexistent), and the power to pick and choose what you need – all in one place!


Work with the intention to build your company, and you can bask in the growth of your financial success. A press release promoted by a nationally syndicated news network showcases the message of your press release headline to attract more customers to it.


Whether you are confident writing your own content or need our team of writers to assist you in creating the perfect press release, our press release examples are sure to wow even the toughest critics. Because we never outsource our writing, we can guarantee that you’ll have direct contact with your team for the duration of Press Synergy’s time working with you.


Our team of writers and distributors are located within the US and UK only. That means they work tirelessly with perfect English to create and craft the perfect press release to advertise your event. By working with Press Synergy, you receive the best of the best, all the time. Our team of writers will host an online meeting with you in order to better discuss the topic of your company’s final presentation.


If you want to write your own press release and have us distribute it, that’s fine too. However, if you choose to work with our team of writers, they will send you a completed copy of the final press release for your approval. When you’re satisfied with the job they’ve done and give your blessing for distribution, the real networking begins. After syndication, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the exact websites where your press release was published.





Where Should You Send Your Press Releases?


You should send your press releases to both local and national news networks. Taking this approach to sending your press releases will surely benefit you in the long run by attracting the most amount of people to your event. Press releases that contain upcoming and current information about your event are the only clue other people have about your company’s existence.


Why wouldn’t you want as many people as possible to see it? Implementing the strategy of local and national news network syndication is a prime example of the power a single press release can possess. It’s meant to be the eyes into your company’s soul – make sure people know about you, especially locals. You’ll have a solid customer base if the event goes off without a hitch!


How Should You Distribute Your Press Releases?


The distribution of your company’s latest event press release is not to be taken lightly. Done incorrectly, it could lead to the entire event being a flop. If people don’t know about your event, they can’t attend it. Incorrectly distributing your press releases will guarantee that almost nobody sees the event you’re trying to promote. Networking goes a long way, and the proper syndication of company press releases is essential for attaining future customers.


With that being said, there is a right way to distribute your company’s latest press release. Done correctly, a press release should boost your company’s Google ranking and attract thousands of clicks from curious visitors who happened to mouse over the first link they saw. Sometimes it’s that simple. Our press release services distribute your latest press release the right way – nationally and locally.


However, if you choose to distribute your own press releases, you’ll first need to find a slew of journalists who have covered a topic related to your company and obtain their contact details. Use the “News” tab on Google to search for journalists by topic. Then, you’ll want to e-mail each journalist a strictly brief (but personalized) pitch that details only the benefits of covering your story in their publication while making your subject line the topic of the press release.


You’ll also need to play the long game – making connections with journalists via LinkedIn or Twitter is a fantastic way to recognize and understand your target audience before pitching them your idea. Once you’ve combed through a few hundred journalists and have received a few responses, you’ll want to consider your next step – actually sending out the press release to them.


When Should You Send Your Press Releases?


There is a definite right and wrong time for you to distribute your press release – let’s dive in. You’ll need to consider the weekday and time of day when choosing to distribute your event’s release. Once you hit the “send” button, the release is out of your hands, so don’t do anything hasty. Here’s why – certain days and times actually have better success rates than others.


With an average journalist waking up to 300 new emails each day, you’d be hard pressed to throw your press release into that mixture. For that reason, don’t send your press release to a journalist as soon as you wake up. Instead, send it mid-morning because you’ll have a better chance at networking your event and making your email stand out. It’s worth noting that 61% of journalists wish to receive press releases in the morning hours of the day.


When it comes to choosing the day of the week on which you send your company’s press release, you must take this into consideration as well. According to a large study that included over 100,000 press releases, you should avoid sending your pitch on weekends – ever. Instead, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (followed by Thursdays with an opening rate of 26%) are the best days to distribute your press release. Avoid Mondays and Fridays as well.


Final Thoughts


If you’re interested in receiving positive attention and publicity for your upcoming event, our event-based company press releases can and will help you garner more viewers. Don’t waste the future – get in touch with us now in order to receive a hefty discount on our services – you may be surprised at how low our prices currently are. Give us a call or email to check in with our writing team and get your perfectly crafted press release delivered to nationally syndicated news networks today!