WheelHouse IT Launches expert cloud services in Miami. The company has been a leader in the South Florida business community for years and is excited to expand its reach with the launch of Cloud Services. Cloud Services will help businesses streamline their operations by providing high-end data storage and powerful computing power at a fraction of the cost.

“Cloud Services are transforming how businesses operate,” said Gani Zebersky, CEO of WheelHouse IT. “We have seen many companies experience fast growth after they switched from traditional servers to our cloud platform.”

Cloud Service provides powerful computing power, data storage, and security for businesses to grow exponentially without large upfront costs or excessive expertise needed to operate the technology. WheelHouse IT is a Florida-based tech company that has been successfully helping businesses throughout Miami achieve their goals by providing expert services and support.

“Our goal is to empower business owners and give them the tools they need,” Zebersky added, “while letting them focus on their bottom line.”

WheelHouse IT not only maintains a company’s infrastructure but also protects it from the latest cyber threats. Unlike traditional IT schemes, which are costly to join and offer few lower-end options, WheelHouse has partnered with a variety of brands, including Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, and Cisco, to ensure that you have access to low-cost solutions that best suit your business’s needs. Look no further than Wheelhouse for peace of mind when it comes to handling technology at work, whether it’s brand new workstations or protection from ransomware attacks. With data security as a top priority, you deserve an IT company like WheelHouse IT to help you with any issue or question.

Wheelhouse IT now has offices in Southern Florida, the New York City area, Long Island, Los Angeles, Iowa, and Arkansas and provides robust solutions to corporations, small and midsize businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations’ technological needs.

WheelHouse IT is located at 2890 W State Rd 84 #108 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. For inquiries, contact Gani and his team at sales@wheelhouseit.com or call (954) 474-2204 or visit their website at https://www.wheelhouseit.com.


Company Name: WheelHouse IT
Contact Person:Gani
Phone:(954) 474-2204
Address:2890 W State Rd 84 #108
City:Fort Lauderdale
Country:United States