We Silver Jewels has committed to the cause of sustainable fashion by rolling out a wide range of wholesale silver jewelry without harmful heavy metals.

Houston TX – Sustainable fashion seems to be the only way forward at the moment and We Silver Jewels has taken praiseworthy steps towards that goal by conforming to the standard American, European, and International laws and regulations pertaining to metal content in jewelry. Pure silver is not used since it is not strong enough to form long-lasting jewelry. Thus, the Houston based jewelry wholesale supplier manufactures silver jewelry using 92.5% pure silver alloyed with metals such as copper, platinum, zinc, or stainless steel. We Silver Jewels has adjusted its business strategies to align with environmental sustainability in an effort to preserve the planet.

All jewelry products sold by We Silver Jewels are completely free from toxic heavy metals such as nickel, chromium, lead, and mercury thereby adhering to international health standards and environmental restrictions. Only surgical grade stainless steel is used to make steel jewelry or piercing parts of silver jewelry to ensure customer safety. Customers shopping with We Silver Jewels will stumble upon an abundance of silver jewelry and wholesale jewelry supplies that are equally friendly to both the customer’s environment and the customer’s health. The company also does not use any form of artificial coloring on gold or rose gold finished products. Such products are plated with natural 14ct gold.

We Silver Jewels is socially and environmentally conscious and responsible as is evident from the remarks of one of the company’s senior board members at a recent media interaction. “Responsible sourcing of wholesale beads is at the heart of our company’s culture and promoting human rights and socio-environmental responsibilities are as important to us as our corporate responsibilities. The values and transparency of the entire supply chain are underlined by as well as evident from the high ethical standards set by We Silver Jewels. The company imports minerals only from conflict-free areas where human rights are not violated. We also work with official organizations to test and evaluate all our jewelry products so as to ensure our compliance with existing regulations and standards” said the senior board member.

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We Silver Jewels is a socially responsible and environmentally responsible wholesale silver jewelry online store based out of Houston, Texas.

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