Washington DC – Assistive Listening HQ, a Washington DC based company, is pleased to announce the publication of their definitive guide to Assisted Listening Devices. The guide is an in-depth report designed to help both individuals and facilities, provide audio support to individuals with hearing loss.

Assistive Listening HQ is a specialty business that focuses exclusively on facility listening systems and personal amplifier devices. They have a comprehensive understanding of this industry and the many different products available on the market today. Driven by a passion for helping people cope with some hearing loss, or those working in specialist environments the company identified that there was a distinct lack of information for anyone contemplating purchasing one of these potentially life-changing devices. That was where the idea came for creating this guide.

“Assisted listening devices is a subject which I am extremely passionate about,” said Will Ward of Assistive Listening HQ. “I have seen with my own eyes the difference in someone’s life that a properly configured high-quality assisted listening device can deliver. Unfortunately for a myriad of different reasons, many people choose to struggle on without the benefit of one of these devices. And facility managers can be confused by the huge number of options when it comes to selecting a system. Our aim with this guide, is to help improve people’s knowledge in this area, and hopefully transform as many people’s lives as possible. We have shown the guide to some of our customers as part of the review process, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.”

Assistive Listening HQ is a small business located in Washington DC. Unlike “big box” stores selling everything under the sun, they focus exclusively on assistive listening devices and the unique needs of hearing impaired individuals. They are authorized dealers for some of the most trusted names in professional audio including Williams AV and Audio Technica. They know their products inside-and-out and can answer customer’s specific questions to help them customize the right system for their needs.

For more information about the company and the services they provide visit https://assistivelisteninghq.com

Company Name:Assistive Listening HQ
Contact Person:Will Ward
Address:632 I St. NE