Roanoke Virginia – Goat Soap Inc, a successful Virginia based manufacturer of Goat Soap, is delighted to announce that they have recently been featured in RVA Mag, a local community empowerment magazine.

The lengthy, informative, and well-researched article tells the story of Goat Soap Inc and highlights some of the many benefits of goat milk soap. With numerous quotes from the company’s founders and some thought-provoking concepts, it was an excellent opportunity for the company to get their message across and educate more people about their company and the delights of their most popular product lavender goat milk soap.

“Although, as a small business, we were very grateful for the opportunity to publicize our company and range of Goat Milk Soap products, our priority was to educate people about the many benefits of using these natural solutions,” said Emily Gannon of Goat Soap Inc. “So often, people are using products that put horrible chemicals into our water system. That messes up our reservoirs, creating algae, and killing and suffocating wildlife. So we’re very careful to pay attention to what we are creating.”

Goat Soap Inc is a family-owned and operated company. All their soap is made in small batches and is handcrafted. They believe that the problem with the large soap companies is that it is too easy to hide behind claims of natural and pure because of a lack of regulation. However, with GOAT Soap, they promise to provide a natural bar of soap that you can use on babies as well as yourself. They produce all-natural lavender goat milk soap to hydrate the skin and leave their customers with complete peace of mind. They do not use harmful ingredients or fragrances that can hurt the skin and health. Their formula has become something that everyone loves and enjoys, regardless of age. For more information about the company, and their products, visit their website at

Company Name:GOAT Soap Inc.
Contact Person:Emily Gannon & Stephanie Williams
Address:6322 Roselawn Court Dr.
State:VA 24018
Country:United States