There is a prevalent problem that exists in the Salt Lake valley and throughout Utah.  Many houses do not have soffit venting and those that do have had insulation blown in their attic covering up the vents.

Any exhaust system that may be on the roof (i.e. gable vents, turtle vents, whirlybirds or ridge vent) is rendered ineffective without air intake in the attic.  Installing soffit vents and removing insulation from them in the attic comes with a price that few are prepared for.

Sandy UT – Rock-Top Construction, is a locally owned and operated full-service construction company that specializes in roofing and home exteriors.  They are unique in that they understand the importance of attic ventilation and have a great deal of experience solving the problem of adequate intake for the attic in an efficient and cost-effective way.  Rock Top is one of the few companies that understands the value and know how to install an extraordinary product manufactured by Lomanco called DeckAir, DA-4.

This Lomanco DeckAir, DA-4 Shingle venting system for air intake is a ground-breaking and innovative product.  This new venting capability features a unique patented design that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Combined with an exhaust system such as ridge vent, it has many benefits that include increasing the longevity of your roof while reducing your energy costs.  It is much more aesthetic than protruding vents and will not compromise the and design features designed to improve the ventilation in an attic without compromising the integrity or waterproofing of your roof.

Rock-Top, which also offers roof insurance inspections for storm damaged roofs, has a long working relationship with Lomanco, and their local suppliers in the area.

“We are proud and excited to be partnered with Lomanco in Utah, a company with whom we have an excellent relationship,” said Lon VomBaur, a spokesperson for Rock-Top Construction. “We initially wanted to work with Lomanco due to the quality of the products, and their unique engineering solutions that help transform the roofing industry.”

Rock Top Construction is a Full Services Construction company that specializes in all kinds of roof repairs and replacement as well as solar panel systems, siding, energy efficient windows, new entry ways, custom garage doors and decks.  For more information on a low cost make-over to the exterior of your home or on how to increase the value of your property, visit their website at

Company Name:Rock-Top Construction
Contact Person:Lon VomBaur
Phone:(801) 567-1234
State: Utah