— Richard Morse, a top-rated, results-driven personal injury attorney, is delighted to announce that he is now offering free consultations to potential clients. The consultations are designed to evaluate the strength of an individual case and ascertain its value. Attorney Richard Morse personally evaluates each case – you will not be passed off to a newer associate attorney.

Richard decided to implement this free service because so many potential victims of a personal injury fail to pursue their case and receive the compensation they should have been entitled to. This generally was through either a lack of knowledge or understanding of the law, a fear of the potential cost, or a mistaken belief that they would not be entitled to any compensation.

“As San Diego’s most trusted personal injury attorney, I wanted to give back to the local community,” said Richard Morse of Morse Injury Law. “I have built my practice and raised my family in this wonderful city, and I am fed up with people not receiving the justice they deserve. I entered the legal profession to ensure that justice was served, and I still feel as strongly about that today as when I first started practicing. With the offer of a free initial consultation, I am confident that more people will come forward and ultimately receive the compensation they deserve.”

Morse Injury Law Firm is a locally owned and operated firm based in San Diego. The company provides representation on behalf of those injured by another person’s negligence or recklessness, including auto accidents, premises liability incidents, dangerous products, and more. The firm handles all types of personal injury claims related to motor vehicle collisions such as head trauma, spinal cord injuries, brain swelling or bruising of the brain tissue, whiplash, or other neck or back injuries that can be debilitating long-term if not treated correctly. For more information about the company and to book a free consultation, visit their website at https://morseinjurylaw.com/

Company Name:Morse Injury Law
Contact Person:Richard Morse
Phone:(619) 684-3092
Address:2831 Camino del Rio S #109
City:San Diego
Country:United States

Morse Injury Law Firm