Raleigh NCTidy Titan Cleaners LLC are pleased to announce that their staff are fully trained and ready to get to work to help Raleigh homeowners sanitize their property during and after the current pandemic.

There is a lot of worry and concern among homeowners across the state about the current COVID 19 pandemic. The owners and founders of Tidy Titan Cleaners LLC wanted to ensure that they could help their clients to ensure that their properties were sanitized correctly while maintaining the safety of their staff. The company, which has hundreds of positive reviews online from satisfied customers, decided to implement a compulsory training package for all of their team.

This package taught the staff about social distancing, and how to ensure that all properties were completely sanitized with maximum efficiency. All of the vehicles that employees use are also thoroughly sanitized before and after every job, to prevent cross-contamination, and all staff have been provided with approved personal protective equipment.

As a company, Tidy Titan Cleaners have established a reputation in Raleigh for dedication, reliability, and efficiency. Their customers widely regard them as the best provider of cleaning services in Raleigh, NC. When the scale of the pandemic became apparent, the owners of the company wanted to ensure that they were fully prepared for any potential problems that were likely to arise, while maintaining the high level of service that their customers had become accustomed to. With the new training package, they are confident that customers old and new will be delighted with the latest service options.

Tidy Titan Cleaners hires excellent people and focuses on incredible customer service. All of their cleaners have at least five years of cleaning experience and are paid at least $15 per hour. Their mobile app and instant booking add to that customer experience. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at https://tidytitan.com/

Company Name:Tidy Titan Cleaners LLC
Contact Person: Paul Millsaps
Phone:+1 984-204-6423
Address:4357 Sugarbend Way
Country:United States