Framingham MA – The Center For Morton’s Neuroma, a specialist provider of treatments for Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis today, pleased to announce that they are now able to offer Radio Frequency Ablation as a non-surgical alternative treatment.

Radio Frequency Ablation is a procedure used to reduce pain. An electrical current produced by a radio wave is used to heat up a small area of nerve tissue, thereby decreasing pain signals from that specific area. Pain relief from radiofrequency ablation (RFA) can last from six to 12 months, and in some cases, relief can last for years. More than 70% of patients treated with RFA experience pain relief.

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful and frustrating condition of the foot, which is more predominant in women than it is in men. It can cause numbing or tingling of the toes, pain between the third and fourth toes, or pain in the balls of the feet.

“As a company that focuses almost exclusively on Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis, we have personal experience of the pain and these two diseases can cause,” said Dr. Janet Pearl, of The Center for Morton’s Neuroma. “As a consequence, we are always looking for new and innovative treatment methods to help our clients. We are confident that Radio Frequency Ablation will be popular with our clients, and will deliver long-lasting results without the stress or hassle of surgery.”

The Center for Morton’s neuroma works together with Complete Pain Care to provide specialized care to patients with Morton’s neuroma. They are committed to providing personalized care and unparalleled access to a complete range of products and services specifically for patients suffering from Morton’s neuroma, and they can give their patients the correct treatment for them to ensure that they get back to their life quickly. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

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