Mitchell Nachtigal Law, one of the fastest-growing real estate and business lawyer companies in Texas, is pleased to announce the launch of three separate food drive initiatives. These initiatives are designed to help as many people as possible in the Christmas period, when many families can feel exposed and alienated due to their current circumstances.

Mitchell Nachtigal Law is a very community and family orientated firm, and they are always looking at ways in which they can help the local residents. Christmas is a critical time for many families, a time when they can celebrate together and enjoy each other’s company. In an ideal world, this would also mean enjoying plenty of food, but unfortunately, not all families are able to achieve this, which is where the idea of the food banks came into play. Mitchell Nachtigal is fully committed to their new food bank initiative; so far, they have completed a food drive initiative at their offices in Colleville, where a full barrel of food was collected. Additionally, they then hosted a range of networking events to enable people within the legal community to get to know each other. At these networking events, there was heavy promotion of the food bank initiative, which resulted in many more donations of food. The final event will take place in the first week of December, after which the proceeds will be donated to charities across Texas.

“At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we are fully committed to the local community and are always keen to contribute in any way we can,” said Julia Mitchell, Co-Owner and Founder of Mitchell Nachigal Law. “Every project that we undertake is designed to help people who need it most and essentially to go directly to those we are trying to help. That is why we are so passionate and committed to the Food Bank concept, and it is something we have every intention of continuing to do for many years to come.”

Mitchell Nachtigal Law is not a typical law firm. They are an asset to the real estate and business community. Attorney and Managing Partner Julia Mitchell created a firm that is in touch with the real estate and business community’s needs. Julia has over 25 years of experience as a real estate professional. Having been a licensed Texas Realtor, a multi-family residential manager, a commercial real-estate developer, and owner, Julia’s passion for real estate and business came together in one package under her law license and is the original driving force behind the firm’s success. The company has been a leading provider of counsel for real estate investors, real estate developers, lending institutions, and business owners since 2007. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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