Austin TXDrip Digital, one of the fastest growing SEO companies in Texas, is today delighted to announce that they have recently received two very complimentary testimonials from delighted customers.

Jay Liu said “Drip Digital is miles above the rest when it comes to search engine optimization and growing businesses. They consistently deliver page-one rankings for me, even for some of the toughest keywords in the nation. I highly recommend working with them and can guarantee your business won’t be the same after they supercharge your SEO.”

Chase Hassan said “Drip Digital is one of the best SEO agencies you’ll meet. They got me on page 1 for many difficult terms in less than 90 days. I consider them an expert in the field and recommend them to anyone looking to reach the top of Google and grow their business.”

The company has received many positive testimonials, and they attribute this to the fact that they understand business. Many SEO companies have the technical expertise, but because it is a relatively new skill set, many have no proper comprehension or understanding of a traditional business.

The team behind Drip Digital have many years of experience in traditional business, and it is this extra knowledge and expertise that matched with their SEO knowledge ensures that they can deliver exceptional results for their clients. As soon as Drip Digital onboard a new client, they set out to form a partnership. They invest significant time in getting to know and understand the client’s business, and that is the secret sauce that has been the foundation of their success.

“We are delighted to receive referrals as positive as these, but what really makes us proud is the value and benefits that we deliver to our clients, month after month,” said Jet Saini, of Drip Digital. “That is what motivates us and drives us to work harder every single day. In fact, every time we receive a testimonial, it only makes us more determined to get another one.”

Drip Digital is a locally owned and operated SEO company led by Jet Saini. A world authority in Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps Optimization, Online Reputation Management, and Public Relations, Jet has been at the forefront of Search Engine Optimization practices for years by masterminding with other top experts in the industry. Jet created Drip Digital to help business owners establish their presence online and position themselves as an authority in their market. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

Company Name:Drip Digital
Contact Person:Jet Saini
Phone:(512) 710-0565
Address:211 E 7th St #210