TechBldrs is excited to announce the expansion of their service area. This expansion will include a new office in Exton, PA. This new office will be managed by Joe Awe, the owner and founder of TechBldrs. It will be conveniently located to provide high quality service within the area of Exton and other nearby neighborhoods. With this growth, they are looking to provide more comprehensive service with the most advanced technology in order to meet their client’s needs.

TechBldrs offers a wide variety of managed IT services, ranging from professional IT support and flow file document management all the way through to full-service cyber security audit and training. Their team is highly qualified and has experienced professionals that work together to provide the highest levels of customer service. Below are the services that will be offered at their new location:
• CIO Services: TechBldrs works with small to medium business clients to make sure their technology helps, not hinders, them in achieving their goals.
• Cloud Integration: They will help businesses connect their various cloud services and make them work together as a team.
• Backup & Disaster Recovery: This IT company will put together a backup and recovery plan that fits the needs of their clients.
• Tribal Knowledge Collection: TechBldrs can help sort, file, and store data so it doesn’t go completely to waste.
• System Performance Audit: TechBldrs will use industry best practices and their years of experience to assess the current situation and provide a road map for improvement.

Technology is constantly changing and can be overwhelming for many companies, especially when it comes to managing IT infrastructure like servers, networks, security systems and more. TechBldrs is here to help every business owner find the best solution for their company’s needs. Their team of experts are well trained to assess the current state of technology and advise their clients on what they need to do next. There’ll be no need to worry about downtime or data loss when they’re on the case. Their IT services will provide network security protection against viruses, spyware, malware & hackers while increasing the company’s productivity and efficiency.

TechBldrs are proud of their new office located at 604 Gordon Dr, Exton PA, which will allow them to better serve more clients in the local area. Their clients will be able to take advantage of their offer and receive a free consultation with one of their consultants by calling 610-590-4858. For more information on their services please visit their website at

Company Name:Tech Bldrs Inc
Contact Person:Joe Awe
Address:604 Gordon Dr
Country:United States