Delray Beach, FL – November 30, 2023 – In the wake of a disturbing surge in IRS tax scams, Levy Tax Help cautions and guides Floridians.The firm aims to educate taxpayers on identifying these scams, address the immediate steps to take when targeted, and the extensive role a tax attorney plays in defending and restoring the rights of scam victims.

As tax-related scams grow in sophistication, being informed is the first line of defense for taxpayers.

Demystifying IRS Tax Scams: The Common Culprits

Tax scams are as varied as they are deceptive, with crafty scammers constantly evolving their tactics to defraud taxpayers. Among the most prevalent scams are phishing emails. These emails are cunningly crafted to look official, often using the IRS logo and formal language to lull the recipient into a false sense of security. They usually contain links to fake IRS websites that aim to steal personal and financial information.

Fake IRS calls are another rampant scam. Here, individuals posing as IRS agents call taxpayers, asserting that the taxpayer owes money and demanding immediate payment. These scammers can be intimidating, employing high-pressure tactics to elicit rapid compliance. In some instances, they might even know a lot about their targets, making their fake claims sound even more credible.

Additionally, there’s a rising threat of identity theft where scammers file fraudulent tax returns using a taxpayer’s stolen Social Security number, hoping to get a refund before the victim files. By highlighting these common scams, Levy Tax Help’s initiative is not just about exposure but equipping taxpayers with knowledge, making them less likely to fall victim.

Red Flags and Identifiers: How to Recognize Scams

In a world increasingly dominated by digital communication, recognizing an IRS scam is the cornerstone of safeguarding one’s personal and financial security. Beyond the aggressive demands for instant payment, these scams have other tell-tale signs. For instance, genuine IRS communications will usually start with a mailed letter, not an unexpected phone call or email.

Scammers often employ scare tactics, threatening their targets with police arrest, deportation, or license revocation. The real IRS, however, will not use this kind of threatening language. Additionally, the IRS will never ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone, nor will they demand specific payment methods, such as wiring money or using gift cards.

Requests for payment via unconventional means, especially gift cards, are a glaring red flag. By understanding these identifiers, taxpayers can confidently discern legitimate IRS communications from malicious scams, ensuring their peace of mind and security.

Targeted by Scammers? Here’s an Action Plan

Being on the receiving end of a suspected scam can be a jarring experience. However, knowing the appropriate steps to take can make all the difference. First and foremost, do not engage. If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up immediately without providing any information. In the case of questionable emails, avoid clicking on any links or downloading attachments, as these may contain malware.

Protect your personal information. Scammers can be persuasive, often providing some accurate personal details to gain trust. Regardless, never verify or provide personal details over an unsolicited call or email.

If there’s any doubt about the legitimacy of a communication claiming to be from the IRS, contacting the IRS directly using official channels can quickly clear up any uncertainties. Reporting potential scams is crucial. This not only aids in the immediate protection of the individual but contributes to broader efforts in curbing such fraudulent activities. With a proactive mindset and an informed action plan, taxpayers can robustly shield themselves from the deceptive snares set by scammers.

Levy Tax Help: Your Ally Against Tax Scams

For those unfortunate enough to fall victim to such scams, a tax attorney may be able to provide assistancel. They not only assist in damage control and rectifying compromised records but also liaise with the IRS to set the record straight. Levy Tax Help’s team of expert attorneys are adept at handling such crises.

“Our primary goal is to protect and guide taxpayers,” mentions a senior tax attorney at Levy Tax Help. “Awareness is paramount, and through our latest initiative, we aim to arm Floridians with knowledge, ensuring they’re less susceptible to these malevolent scams.”

Levy Tax Help Seeks to Aid Florida Victims of Scams

With its legacy of serving the community’s tax-related needs, Levy Tax Help continues its mission of empowerment through education, ensuring Floridians are well-prepared to tackle tax challenges and scams head-on.

For comprehensive insights into IRS tax scams, preventive measures, and expert assistance, visit or contact the specialists using the details provided below.

About Levy Tax Help

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