Vestavia AlabamaSteel City Appliance Trussville, a family owned and operated appliance repair service is today delighted to announce their latest expansion plans. The company which has enjoyed phenomenal growth since launch has hired a new technican Anthony Morrow, and this will enable to company to continue their rapid growth.

When it comes to Appliance Repair in Trussville, clients have two options; they can choose a large corporation, where the technicians are paid by how many jobs they can complete in a day, or they can choose a local company whose passion is customer service, and serving the local community.

The reputation of Steel City Appliance Trussville is going from strength to strength, with word of mouth advertising being responsible for the majority of the growth. People love the old-fashioned customer service ethic, and it is reaping dividends for the company, who are also selling appliance parts in Trussville.

“Having worked in large companies for most of my life, I was convinced that good old-fashioned customer service was becoming a thing of the past,” said Marc Morriss, of Steel City Appliance. “Eventually I decided to take the brave step of opening my own business, and it has just taken off, better than I could ever have anticipated or hoped for. I am now struggling to cope with the demand for our services, which is why I decided to hire an extra member of staff. It was essential to me that I found not only an excellent technician but one who shared my vision of customer service. I am delighted to have found Anthony, and I welcome him to the team wholeheartedly.”

Steel City Appliance Trussville is a family owned and operated appliance repair service based in Vestavia Alabama. They are a customer service business specializing in residential appliance repair in Birmingham, Alabama. They can handle almost any appliance repair problem quickly and efficiently. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

Company Name: Steel City Appliance
Contact Person: Marc Morriss
Phone: 205-602-5320
Address: 161 Old Montgomery Highway
City: Vestavia
State: Alabama
Country: United States