— Dr. Ryan Carlson at Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center is pleased to announce that they now offer sports injury chiropractic in Gravette, AR. This treatment focuses on the joints and muscles of the body as well as how these parts work together. It can help with injuries from playing sports or just living a physically active lifestyle. Patients who have received this type of treatment say it relieves pain and helps them get back to doing what they love most – being active!

If you are interested in learning more about how sports injury chiropractic can help your body feel back to normal, contact Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center today. Speak with a member of the staff for details on their hours and upcoming specials.

Sports injury chiropractic techniques can help treat a variety of injuries by providing the best treatment for each situation. These acute treatments include ice, heat, and electrical stimulation to reduce swelling or pain; traction and manipulation which are used as sub-acute therapies when there is less inflammation present but still no desired recovery from chronic problems such as bulging discs or herniated discs with nerve impingement where spinal decompression therapy may be needed. Manual joint mobilizations also offer movements that have been restricted due to an injury like sprained ankles, knees, shoulders, etc., while in some cases NO movement has occurred because of severe trauma like broken bones requiring surgery before any rehabilitation starts.

Dr. Ryan Carlson has always had a deep love for helping people with their health, even as an avid outdoorsman in his small hometown of 900 inhabitants in Southwest Minnesota. As he graduated high school and began preparing to attend Pharmacy School at South Dakota State University after college graduation, Dr. Carlson realized that the only way to help patients was through natural means rather than drugs or surgery – which is why he decided on this path so early into life.

Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center in Gravette, AR offers many different chiropractic services to help their patients live healthier lives after a sports injury. Their office hours vary by day but they do have extended hours on select days which allows patients plenty of options when it comes to scheduling an appointment. For more information contact them at 479-595-8022 or https://www.deeprootsnwa.com/

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