Pensacola FL: HIP, one of the acknowledged leaders in the orthodontist digital marketing arena, is delighted to announce the rapid growth of its specialist podcast designed for orthodontic business owners. The podcast pulls back the curtain on some of the strategies to increase patient orthodontic case conversions, which HIP has implemented in hundreds of Orthodontic practices across the country to deliver sustainable and measurable growth time and time again. 

The podcast features a relaxed but informative style and has already covered a range of other topics, including how orthodontists can accelerate their business growth. HIP is a specialist Orthodontic patient lead generation company that melds its expertise within the digital marketing industry to focus on delivering success in the highly competitive orthodontic niche. 

“At HIP, we are constantly striving to find new ways to empower orthodontic business owners to grow their business,” said Luke Infinger, co-founder and CEO of HIP. “Our podcast is the perfect platform to easily and efficiently deliver our innovative and ground-breaking content that we know from experience can deliver results time and time again. The podcast continues to grow in popularity, and it is something that we particularly enjoy doing. We have many new ideas and guests in the pipeline for future episodes, and this is a part of our business that we are particularly excited about.”

HIP is built to win. Their team of expert consultants, creatives, marketing professionals, and engineers work alongside healthcare and medical practices to build sustainable and profitable businesses. They are driven by a love of helping each individual client fulfill their authentic purpose while building the practice of their dreams. HIP believes in a strong and caring team that works hand-in-hand with clients who value long-term and sustainable growth. They firmly believe in the value of their powerful tools, hands-on training, and their tried and true framework that allows their clients to provide top-notch care and impeccable service and profitability. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

Company Name:Hip Creative
Contact Person:Luke Infinger
Address:301 N Barcelona St
Country:United States