Spartanburg SC – Spartanburg Personal Injury Attorney Stewart Law Offices, has recently released a series of essential steps that any driver should be aware of if they become involved in an accident involving personal injury. For most drivers, the thought of what to do in the event of a personal injury accident is not something they focus on. Unfortunately, if and when the occasion does arrive, most drivers are subsequently ill-prepared to follow the correct procedures in regards to any future legal processes.

The first and perhaps most important piece of advice is to call the police immediately after the accident has occurred. It is a legal requirement that police officers in South Carolina must complete an accident report for any personal injury accident. This will provide the victim with an independent professional report which could prove invaluable if the matter goes to court.

Take photographs of both vehicles, their position on the road following the accident, and any injuries that have been sustained. Take regular photographs of the injuries as they begin to heal, both with their bandages or splints and where possible without. Try to record the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses. Finally, never make any statement to insurance company investigators, as these could potentially be used against the victim at a future date.

“Sometimes, the result of a court case can be decided in the immediate aftermath of an accident because the driver does not follow the best legal procedure,” said Brent Stewart of Stewart Law Offices. “We wanted to provide as many people as possible with some basic knowledge of the legal system so that they did not place themselves in a difficult position. We hope that these pieces of advice will help people who may be in a lot of pain following a personal injury accident.”

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