Southwestern Hearing Centers is proud to announce the opening of its newest location at 937 VALLEY CREEK DRIVE, FARMINGTON, MO. The new facility will provide a wide range of hearing services and hearing aids in Farmington for those with hearing loss. Services offered include diagnostic testing and evaluations, custom hearing devices such as hearing aids, and counseling on how to better manage your condition and rehabilitation programs for tinnitus sufferers.

Their Farmington location serves a variety of needs, including comprehensive hearing evaluation and annual hearing tests. They offer quality repair services for your old aids as well as custom fittings to meet all your different listening styles.

The beauty behind this is that users can take control over how much or little amplification we provide in each ear- while still being able to hear things at an equal level across both ears so it won’t be too loud on one side relative to the other (unlike some people’s experience with wearing two traditional “buds” simultaneously). Southwestern Hearing Center’s team takes pride in giving clients unparalleled attention during their visit. Getting to know you and your concerns is the first step in determining what hearing device will be right for you. You will have a specialist explain your different options, with in-depth information on traditional hearing aids versus customized multi-channel personal sound devices. No pressure to make a purchase, just honest answers and guidance.

“We are excited about our new site,” said Brian Marino, President of Southwestern Hearing Centers. “The Farmington community has been very supportive to us since we began in the area over a year and a half ago. The new clinic represents our continued investment into this market and we are looking forward to providing better services to our customers.”

When it comes to your hearing health, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Trust Southwestern Hearing Centers with all of your needs– from batteries and buttons tightened!

Southwestern Hearing Centers knows that their clients prefer not to wear a bulky earpiece so we provide easy-to-use hearing aids. They also offer complimentary adjustments on our devices in case they need tweaking after an injury or accident.

Farmington residents who require an audiology evaluation are encouraged to call (573) 747-0552 for more information or schedule an appointment online at The Farmington location is now open Monday through Friday from 9AM – 5PM (No Saturdays). To learn more about Southwestern Hearing Centers, visit: https://www.southwesternhearing.

Company Name:Southwestern Hearing Centers
Contact Person:Brian Marino
Address:937 Valley Creek Drive
State:MO 63640
Country:United States