— Southwestern Hearing Centers, a leading specialist in the hearing aid industry, is delighted to announce the launch of a range of new services designed to improve the customer experience for their clients. The main new service which the company is launching is hearing aid repair in St Louis MO.

Although many people never take this into consideration, hearing aids will need to be repaired over time due to regular wear and tear. Many people experiencing problems with their hearing aids choose to simply replace their broken hearing aids with new ones. However, this is not always necessary, and it is always worth consulting a hearing healthcare professional first before making such a drastic decision. In many cases troubleshooting a hearing aid issue could be a straightforward fix for a hearing care professional.

“We are totally committed to our clients and always strive to do everything possible to enhance the quality of their lives,” said Cindy, a spokesperson for Southwestern Hearing Centers. “Although many people do qualify for free hearing aids, the vast majority of our clients have to pay for them, and replacing perfectly good hearing aids which have an easily fixable fault seems such a waste of money. That is why we are delighted to offer a repair service which we hope will help fix our clients’ issues quickly and hopefully improve the quality of their life in the process.”

Southwestern Hearing Centers first opened their doors for business in 1947. Their hearing experts have helped thousands of patients reconnect with the sounds they’ve been missing. They are a third-generation family business, and they want their patients to feel like they are part of the family. For many years, they have been St. Louis’ full-service hearing care provider and continue to give exceptional hearing care to the local community. They have grown significantly in recent years, but their dedicated team of hearing instrument specialists has continued to provide professional hearing aids and high-quality hearing solutions. For more information about the company and their new rechargeable hearing aids, visit their website at https://www.southwesternhearing.com

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